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Indispensable office tools that you must possess

Conventional business administration wisdom talks about how the three Ms – men, material, and machine are integral resources for the conception, sustenance, and success of a business. The theory is decades old, but continues to be relevant, even after so many revolutionary shifts of business focus and changes of guard in terms of business platforms and business philosophies. ‘People’ continue to be counted as organizational assets and even a source of competitive advantage; materials are anyways the life and blood of a products company, and machines are responsible for driving operational efficiencies. However, the nature, scope, and contribution of machines have changed to a great extent.


With technological advancements taking place every week, offices are investing in the smartest and latest tech equipment to mange workflow better. Right from pitching products and ideas, recording meetings, maintaining daily documentation, and auditing – technology is a vital part of the smart contemporary corporate setup. As an entrepreneur, independent businessman, or a part of a start-up, you need to be aware of the most indispensable office tech tools that you need to have, so that you can spend your precious hours at strategizing and execution, rather than housekeeping and data management. Right from hardcore products like wirelessly controlled laser printers to software packages to manage and convert documents like scanned PDF to excel, these tech tools are sure shot success factors for your office.

Printers – inkjets, laser printers, and more

Whereas corporate leaders always want to talk about going paperless, the era is far from ‘arrived’. Every office, whether it’s a product based company’s workplace, or a service based company’s delivery or development centre, requires several paper-ink documents to be printed daily. Right from invoices for sold products to shipping labels to be attached to parcels, there are several kinds of documents that need to be present in tangible form. Moreover, digital signatures are yet to take a credible stand; till then, paper documents with ink signatures continue to be present. As a businessman, you need to be smart about your printer, printer accessories, and printing costs. Promote a responsible printing culture (talk about economy or draft mode printing, double sided printing, etc.), buy cartridges and toners in bulk, and mitigate waste to save printing related costs.

Scanners – better alternatives to photocopiers

Complimenting printing equipment, scanners are invaluable in offices because of the fact that help your staff avoid lots of unnecessary photocopying. Not long ago, expensive photocopying machines used to be the norm in offices. However, scanners have proved to be the much cheaper and smarter alternatives to photocopying machines. Several hard copy documents, such as cash registers signed by authorized personnel, receipt confirmations signed by customers and clients, project phase sign off documents vetted by clients, print publications, and letters, need to filed for office records and audit purposes, and scanners prove invaluable in this regard. Just scan the documents and preserve e-copies of the same, which can be very easily duplicated, edited, shared, and archived.

Networking equipment – for being connected

To make your workplace efficient, you’ve got to make it connected. How do you do that, especially when you are also targeting expansion simultaneously? You guessed it, it’s by networking. So, you will need to bring in Internet connectivity, routers, and workstations that support networking, so that employees can share data, queries, comments, files, and more without having to move around themselves. Also, networking equipment such as video chat enabled televisions screens, wirelessly connected projectors and printers, etc., also bring in a lot of advantages to the workplace efficiency, and could well prove to be great investments.

Software tools – the inimitable counterparts of hardware

The smart office is not only about the best and smartest tech hardware, but also about potent software packages that empower people, free up their time, and do all this invisibly! Tools like virtual meeting place managers that facilitate desktop screen sharing, for example, are integral to the success of service companies, especially those delivering sophisticated tech and IT solutions. Also, troubleshooting tools like antivirus packages, document convertors, and speech recognition software can also lend very specific and beneficial capabilities to your employees and your workplace machines.


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