Published On: Sat, Oct 5th, 2019

Inexpensive Themed Christmas Gift Baskets

As the holidays roll around, there is one prevailing question that keeps people mindlessly perusing the malls until all hours of the night. What to get the person who has absolutely everything? This is especially true of adult friends and family. After there’s a fine line to walk between giving a relative something that they will truly enjoy, while at the same time giving them something that they wouldn’t normally treat themselves to during daily life.

Enter Christmas gift baskets. The Christmas gift basket provides the instant answer to that age old holiday question of what to get someone. Here are some tips on how to put together Christmas gift baskets that friends and family will truly enjoy.

Determine the Type of Christmas Gift Basket

The main question to ask, is what that family member truly enjoys. It might be chocolate, it might be wine, it might be cheese or it might be something that has nothing to do with food like playing bingo. Think about the hobbies of the friend or family member and start compiling items that encompass their hobbies.

Chocolate Christmas Gift Baskets

When it comes to the holidays, many people allow themselves to slack off of their South Beach Diet and indulge in some tempting foods that might not otherwise be the best for the waistline. Enter Chocolate Gift Baskets. Purchase a cheap basket at a store like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or other discount store. Then peruse the aisles of local grocery stores for everything chocolate. These chocolate treats do not need to be expensive. Many imported chocolates and big name chocolate retailers discount their chocolate during the holidays in the hopes of creating new fans who must have their chocolate year round. Create a palette that ranges from light chocolate products to dark chocolate products for friends and family to enjoy.

Inexpensive Themed Christmas Gift Baskets

Wine Christmas Gift Baskets

Another indulgence that goes along with the spirit of the season is enjoying great wine. There are many local growers in almost every region of the country that produce bottles of wine for under $15. Take the time to visit the local vineyards and pick out anywhere from 2 to 6 bottles of wine. Then place that wine in a basket and bring it family and friends.

If there are several family and friends on the list, consider buying a couple cases of wine. This will usually trigger a case discount, while at the same time afford the latitude to put together multiple wine Christmas gift baskets. Just make sure that friends and family who are receiving the wine Christmas gift baskets are over 21.

Other Christmas Party Ideas

If hosting a Christmas party or holiday party, consider adding an Egg Nog Martini, or a Candy Cane Martini as a signature drink.

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