Published On: Thu, Jan 21st, 2016

Innovating marketing trends to watch in 2016

When it comes to marketing trends 2016 is set to be a big year and content is going to remain the strongest trend it seems with interesting, informative videos, posts and images being put out into the world via social media and on page. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the five innovating trends we expect to see this year, in marketing:

Content stays on top

Innovating marketing trends to watch in 2016

As noted, content is king in terms of marketing trends. For a while now people have seen the value in high quality, engaging content that can be shared across all social media platforms to build up engagement and interest from potential customers. Blog posts, videos, guest post and infographics are all going to be heavily inducted into marketing strategies over 2016 as brands vie for the top spot and the most well received campaign.

Shoppable content

Shoppable content is being introduced now, mainly on the social platform Instagram and the liketoknowit shopping tool. This innovative tool is used by bloggers, who include a link on their post which then allows you to click through and find the product the blogger featured in their Instagram picture. Pinterest is also trying out shoppable pins that make products instantly buyable via the site, on a mobile device. Consumers want instant access to products they want to buy and this marketing trend will continue to grow as convenience trumps everything else.

Mobile optimisation

Once considered a luxury, mobile optimisation is now necessary when it comes to marketing yourself, with consumers untrusting of brands that don’t have mobile optimised sites or specific buying apps. Luke Lewis, Editor of Buzzfeed UK, confirmed at a Guardian Masterclass in early 2014 that social traffic is bigger in the evening and shared on phones and when content goes viral 80-85% of traffic is smartphone based. It’s important, if you are tapping into the 2016 trend for content, that your site is mobile optimised.

Mobile ads will grow

Splashing cash on mobile ads, on social media platforms and other sites, will continue to grow. Expect to see more sponsored posts than ever on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that cleverly crop up based on your search history and preferences. These usually sneak into news feeds and can be easily missed as ads as you scroll through – believing them to be content you’ve probably followed.

Marketing trends for 2016 are going to build on methods we already know and love. There might be some scope for wearable tech to enter the playing field that marketers can take advantage of, in the form of Google Glass and the Apple Watch, but more needs to be researched into this before it can be labelled a definitive trend. Traditional marketing trends shouldn’t be shunned either, from handing out business cards from Helloprint at networking events to distributing flyers in the local area, there is still value in keeping with tradition.

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