Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2019

iOS Ad Clicks Cost More Than Android

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Some scammers found out that iOS Ad clicks cost more than Android. Because of that, they created malware. The malware masqueraded infected Android devices as Apple gear. This was done in order to earn a few extra dollars.

The malware, known as Andr/Clickr-ad malware, takes advantage of the demand for iPhone Ads. It’s no surprise that gamblers at online casinos such as rivernile online casino love to use iPhones and Android phones when playing. This is because the two brands are powerful in terms of speed and display.

Daringly, the malware could be found on the Google Play Store. It will infect Android devices. Next, it will use a bot to generate fake clicks on sites. As a result, the malware writers will earn a payout from advertisers. Apparently, the malware was hidden within some games, as well as a flashlight app. Also, the malware is estimated to have been downloaded more than 2 million times.

These scammers realised that Ads that reach iPhone and iPad users have much higher payouts than Android ones. For that reason, their malware told Android devices to present themselves as Apple devices. This was done when the fraudulent clicks were done.

There has been malware like this before. However, this is more advanced than the rest. This is because it tries to pass off much of the traffic as it is coming from different models of Apple. These include iPhone 5, 6 and 8.

The malware forges the User-Agent device as well as the app identity fields in the HTTP request. Also, the malware is quite intelligent but it can’t beat casinos online. It allows a portion of that traffic to use identities from various Android models too. This is done so as not to overdo the technique.

The malware was, however, taken down in late November from the Play Store.

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