Published On: Sat, Nov 21st, 2015

iPhone – Past, Present and Future

Evolution of iPhone

Late Mr. Steve Jobs was ready on stage to give the most iconic keynote of his life. 9th Jan 2007 Apple took the tech world by a storm. Steve was all set to reveal a revolutionary device, that most of the world had dreamed, an iPod, an internet device and a phone, all combined into one. Introducing the all new iPhone. With 3.5 inch multi touch capacitive screen, 128MB of RAM and 2 Mega Pixel camera (it may not sound much by today’s standards) this smartphone by Apple was a game changer in cell phone market and which many dubbed as the real modern smartphone. With the introduction of iPhone the bar was raised, not only for cell phones, but in general, all media and tech devices as well and it was just the beginning. A year later iPhone 3G was launched, not much had changed internally, but now it supported 3G radio for faster internet, which meant faster loading of webpages and email which translated to overall faster phone experience. After that every year Apple went on to release better, faster and smarter version of iPhone (4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and now 6s) making the already loved iPhone and global hit and a standard of its own.


The new entrants 6 and 6s: -

iPhone 6: – A well-oiled machine has its own satisfactory feeling, and the same you get with the iPhone 6. 1GB of RAM may not sound much when compared to the other flagship phones like HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. But Apple has always provided top notch performance with least specification using their industry leading hardware and software optimizations. Combine this with a powerful A8 processor, PowerVR quad core graphics, stunningly beautiful 8MP camera and you will know why iPhone is so much easily loved. For more information on the specifications, pricing, technical details of iPhone 6 – you can refer to the chart below or check out this page -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6s: – Custom made powerful A9 processor, double the amount of RAM, 90% increase in the graphics, mix it with Retina Display with 3D Touch and Touch ID and you have a perfect recipe for a phone that speaks for itself. Everything is just snappier and faster on this new gem in Apple portfolio. The millisecond difference may not seem much on the paper but you definitely notice it when it’s compare side by side. With the addition of much awaited 4K recording and editing, I can really say that this iPhone is 6s-ful :D.

iPhone 6s

For more information on the specifications, pricing, technical details of iPhone 6S – you can refer to the chart below or check out this page.

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