Published On: Sat, Aug 6th, 2016

Iran Bans Pokemon Go App, Singapore May Follow

Iran’s High Council of Virtual Spaces has announced an official ban on the Pokemon Go app in the country claiming security concerns.

With the ban Iran becomes the first country in the world to do with the virtual reality gaming app.

The council didn’t elaborate what the security concerns were but it is guessed players would become creative and this may prove troublesome. If not, Iran may looking to stop the Pokemon effect as people in tens are seen hanging out for hours in the same area. It is also feared further reports of Pokemon Go players getting robbed or assaulted.

Iran Bans Pokemon Go App, Singapore May Follow

Earlier it was reported the country was contemplating a ban on the app but were trying to communicate with game’s creator Niantic Labs for potential restrictions. It is not known how far this has been worked out.

However, with the announcement of ban it is not also known whether Iran wants preventing people from playing for too many hours or in sensitive geographic areas.

Meanwhile, it is also learned Singapore too is closely monitoring how the app might impact day-to-day life of its citizens.

New York has not banned the Pokemon Go app, but its correctional department has updated its lists of activities which are considered parole violations for sex offenders. Part of the update reads, “…downloading, accessing, or otherwise engaging in any internet enabled gaming activities, including Pok√©mon Go.”

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