Published On: Sun, Jun 26th, 2016

Is Google Preparing With Own Smartphone To Release In 2016?

It is universal believe that Google will one day come up with its own Android phones. Lately a report claims the search engine giant is in face now preparing release of its own phone.

Anonymous sources added to The Telegraph the upcoming Google-branded phone is set to be released by the end of 2016 and the device would be different from the Nexus phones which have been manufactured by its partners.

The official timeline for release of Google smartphone is 2017 and it will be the product of its Project Ara modular phone initiative.

Is Google Preparing With Own Smartphone To Release In 2016?

If considering the timeline, there is rare chance of Ara being ready before the end of this year. So, a more regular Nexus-class device would be released during the holidays, and it could be the mythical Pixel phone, a more of fan fantasy device of course.

Do we need to believe the story of The Telegraph here?

Google probably wants to have greater control over Android and also wants to guarantee its Google Play Services are installed on every smartphones, but the goal is already achieved as it has good control through the Play Store.

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