Published On: Tue, Aug 26th, 2014

Is US Actually Aware of UFO Presence?

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For years, the people of this Planet Earth have been arguing about whether unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aliens actually exist or not. While some claim that they have either witnessed those UFOs and aliens themselves – some even claim that they were once abducted by the aliens, some others completely disagree with the idea that aliens and UFOs are real. Well, for so long, people have had no clear clues whatsoever to help them convince themselves about UFO being a real thing or simply a thing of fiction. However, it seems that the US actually knows about UFO presence quite well.


Only recently, a couple of Google Earth images have been uploaded and become the hype on the internet. These images have been made publicly available, thanks to the person who possesses a UFO sightings blog, Scott Waring. The images in question seem to depict a secret facility of sorts, such as a base used by the aliens. In the images, Waring could almost even swear that he sees a saucer lying under what seems to be the aforementioned entrance.


These images are known to depict a certain place at the Antarctica, judging by the massive amount of ice melting close to the object being debated. If Waring’s hypothesis is right and the object under the entrance is really a UFO, this may shed some lights on how the Nazis managed to flee from the US army during the World War II era.


Speaking of the World War II era, it has been revealed that the US navy actually performed an expedition to the Antarctica during the war. This has been revealed courtesy of a Russian documentary recently translated into English. The documentary is believed to have come from the year 2006. It explains that the expedition that covered the Antarctica and was carried out by the US navy took place in 1946-1947. During the World War II, the expedition in question was officially known to the people as ‘The US Navy Antarctic Development Program’. However, to make it short, the expedition had also been known as simply the Operation Highjump.


The expedition was not something people can take for granted. There were no less than 4,700 soldiers were involved in it. In addition to that, one of the world’s largest carriers at that time, the USS Philippine Sea, was also involved in the expedition to the Antarctica. The expedition was carried out under the lead of Admiral Richard Byrd.


There were quite a few interesting things about the expedition, it seems. Although the authorities in the United States have never confirmed about the presence of UFOs or aliens in the area, Byrd admitted to the press that the US navy had to face a new kind of enemy. According to Byrd, this enemy had the ability to fly at a terrifying speed, from one pole to another.


The Chilean Press even published Byrd’s confession about the Antarctica expedition conducted by the US navy. However, the US insists on not saying that what happened in the expedition was exactly like what Byrd had explained to the public.


However, according to the Russian document mentioned earlier, which has been translated to proper English, in the Antarctica expedition, the US navy was actually sent to locate and then destroy a base used by the remaining Nazis. It was believed that the Nazis were hiding somewhere in the Antarctica. Yet, before the US navy could send the Nazi base into nothingness, or destroy it in other words, they happened to come across a mysterious force, a UFO. The UFO destroyed most of the US navy planes in addition to quite a few of their ships. It was this UFO that caused the US navy plenty of casualties, which were later confirmed in a number of documents. Nonetheless, even though the casualties from the US navy expedition to the Antarctica were confirmed, the US authorities still did not confirm about the UFO encounter in the area. Yet, if it was not for the mysterious UFO, how would the remaining Nazis in the Antarctica have successfully fled the attack launched by the US navy? At the moment, the Nazis were heavily outnumbered by the US navy and that US was not the only country seeking to put an end to the Nazi reign. However, there were also speculations that the UFO did not actually try to save the Nazi from the US, but rather tried to protect its own existence in the area.

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