Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

Is wearable technology a step back in gaming?

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In recent years technology has moved forward rapidly, and things that were once rare commodities like mobile phones, are now in the hands of everyone. And these aren’t just mobile phones. They are computers, clocks, thermometers. You name it, they can do it. Now people are even starting to wear Apple Watches, and Google Glass. They are expensive and rare at the moment but it won’t be long before everyone has them, one would expect, even if Google Glass might not have taken off as many predicted. As technology has moved forward, the world of gaming has done likewise, and so far the two things have gone hand in hand. But could gaming on these new devices end up being a step back?

wearable tech

The transition

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games ever, it has been around for centuries and it will be around for centuries more. Because of its popularity, game developers identified the market for it on different platforms and made it available. Where once gamblers had to travel to the casino and sit down at a table, they can now sit down at their computers at any time of day and start betting chips. Within seconds players can find a game of blackjack online. After a few clicks on the pages of at sites like 32red, Sky Vegas or the ocean of other online destinations, players will be able to see all the bonuses and promotions on offer, and the rules about how to play.

The fact that 32red and other sites like this provide such information is one of the reasons why blackjack’s popularity has sky rocketed. Now newcomers to the game can find all the information they need before they play the game. They can also experience the same kind of thrill as they would in the casino with some sites even offering live links to real casino tables.

It’s not just blackjack that has lent itself so well to the computerised format either. Roulette, craps, and slot machines are all ideal to be played on a computer. The transition from casino floors to the online world has been a smooth one, and it has even convinced some players that there is no need to visit the casino anymore.

Because the casino games worked so well on the computer, it wasn’t long before the developers made them available for smartphones and tablets. Now people can play their favourite games while on the move. And it is ideal for gamblers with busy schedules. When waiting to collect the children from school, mothers can now play a few hands of blackjack, or bet on roulette. Businessmen can spin the reels on the slots between important meetings. Because the games don’t require much investment of time, they are ideal to play even for people with the busiest of schedules.

Initially some were sceptical about whether games like these could be played on a smartphone, but people have got used to it and now the games are hugely popular on this platform as well. But would a smartwatch screen be going a bit too small?

Apple Watch and Google Glass

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes – 38mm and 42mm. This is small. To give you an idea of just how small, the iPhone 6s is 120mm. So the watch is a third of the size of the phone. Playing casino games on a screen of this size could pose some serious problems. For a start it could be very hard to place selections. This would be a major problem when playing casino games where pressing the wrong button would result in losing money. Another problem is that playing games on that size may not be as fun. It could feel as though you are far away from the action.

Google Glass may not encounter the same drawbacks as the Apple Watch. Although the screen looks small, it projects to the equivalent of a 64 centimetres screen from 2.4 metres away. Unlike the smartwatch, the games could be a lot of fun on this device and it may even seem like you have stepped into a casino.

As with all new devices it will be a matter of trying out the games and seeing if they work. And it may also take some time to get used to. No matter what the new technology is, you can guarantee that your favourite games will be available to play on it.

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