Published On: Sun, Jul 14th, 2019

ISRO calls off Chandrayan 2 launching due to technical snag

The Chandrayan 2 mission of ISRO was called off Sunday due to a technical snag in the launch vehicle at T-56th minute. A revised launch date will soon be announced.

The mission was supposed to deposit a lander and rover by September on the surface of the Moon’s unexplored region, about 650 km from its South Pole, very far from the equator.

The focus in exploring the Moon would be to demonstrate soft-landing, surface mapping, and find elements like moonquakes, water-ice signatures and minerals.

According to a tweet by ISRO, a thorough check process will be done before relaunching and this may take about ten days.

ISRO said, “The technical snag was noticed during the cryogenic fuel was being loaded. We have to approach the vehicle to assess the problem. First we have to empty the fuel loaded in the rocket, then the rocket will be taken back for further investigation.”

ISRO has spent about Rs 1,000 crore on the Chandrayan 2 mission and it took years of hard work too. This is the reason the agency set a back foot in taking any chance. In April this year, Israel’s Beresheet lunar craft crashlanded on the Moon surface.

The first launch date of Chandrayan 2 was in April but following the failure of Beresheet the launching was postponed to July.

ISRO, Chandrayan 2

ISRO will not be finding out the exact reason for the technical snag before announcing further data of launching.

If the Chandrayan 2 mission is successful, India would become the fourth country after USSR, US and China to make a safe landing on Moon.

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