Published On: Tue, Jan 20th, 2015

Japan PM vows to save ISIS hostages threatened with beheading in video

The Prime Minister of Japan has vowed to make the hurried release of the two hostages of the country. The unfortunate incident of the captivity of these two perceived hostages came recently. This was made known by the purported efforts of the Islamic terror groups in the form of a video released by them online which spread like a viral arson all over the internet.

The video showed the threatened beheading of the two hostages. The whole incident has sent the shock waves across the nation with various views talking large about them in various manners. The group that made the video has been recognized as Islamic al-Furqan media arm and it was found posted on the militant websites.

Japan PM vows to save ISIS hostages threatened with beheading in video

The Islamic group has been recognized as the ISIS. They are demanding the ransom of some heavy amounts in lieu of the release of the captives. The ransom money is to be paid within a specific duration. Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan said that the crime is not forgivable in any way. He said he would make sure that the deputy foreign minister of the country is sent to Jordan to ensure the resolution of this presently shadowing hostage crisis.

The prime minister also said that the Israeli government is also helping out the Japan to come out the crisis of the hostages. The hostages recognized are Kenji Goto Jogo and Haruna Yukawa. Japan’s anti terrorism section is doing the analysis of the video and it is saying to resolve the issue at the earliest possible time.

The chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan said that the country is feeling the huge amount of rage and indignation. He also said that the best efforts will be invested to save the hostages in the safest condition. One of the victims, Yukawa, said that he cannot identify the destination where they are being taken to and kept hidden. These were the remarks made by him on the social sites. On the blog he wrote that he hope would try to film his fighting scenes of this crisis once in his life time.

Yukawa’s father said he just cannot understand the situation and that he is so confused about all this. The other victim, Goto, said that he thinks he is in Syria. He also said that he hopes that he will be able to post some relevant pictures of the place soon. The group ISIS has shot so many Syrians previously and hence they are posing a great threat by the dint of their history too which is horribly shocking and inhumane.

The video highlights that it is first time that Islamic group has out rightly demanded cash in this way. The fact is also coming up to the fore that the Islamic nations are running short of monetary treasury in recent times.

There have been fierce losses by the counties of the Middle East according to some of the sources. The losses are due to bad deals on some fronts with western nations. The country, Japan, relies tremendously on Middle East on the oil deals.

The country has also been working to build strong ties with Middle East since past recent times. Another thing of considerable hype and talk is that in the tenure of the present prime minister it is the second hostage case that has come to picture.

The similar hostage crisis had occurred in Algeria where Al Queda related militants were involved. They had killed 29 insurgents and 37 foreigners during the four day hostage crisis. Also 10 Japanese were killed in this unlucky massacre by the militants. Luckily seven Japanese survived in the incident.

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