Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2016

Jet Black iPhone 7 Luring Scratches: Report

The latest high-end jet black color of iPhone 7 is for those who love scratches. You may be surprised to know this, but it is fact, even Apple warns the same.

The iDevice giant mentions its high-end jet black iPhone 7 is more prone to scratching and scuffing compared to the alternative matte aluminum options.

However, the warning is just in a small print and that too one comes to know about it during the purchase time from Apple website.

Jet Black iPhone 7 Luring Scratches: Report

In the review of The Verge it is revealed the device just has cosmetic issue and beneath the spoiled sheen it is as hardy and water-resistant as other aluminum iPhones.

More to this, the website writes scratches are only visible when the light hits the device.

Many customers responded saying the high-end jet black iPhone 7 requires a case and the same has been advised by Apple too.

The website argues a case would defeat the aesthetic purpose of the phone and so it is suggested to opt for other shares instead of jet black.

It is yet to be known how the high-end jet black iPhone 7 would look after months of use.

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