Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2015

Job Market in Karnataka in 2015

Jobseekers in Karnataka can take advantage to thousands of job vacancies available for everyone from experienced to freshers. This city in southwest India is home to many industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and of course, Information Technology.


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So what jobs are waiting for you this 2015 in Karnataka? Here are some of them that we have scouted from the job search engine.


High paying jobs in Karnataka


We all love high-paying jobs. This goes to those experienced workers who want more challenge and responsibilities with the right compensation. On top of the list is Project Manager (IT) with annual salary of 130lakhs, coming next are Senior Technical Consultant and Lead Software Engineer jobs with a median annual salaries of 100lahks.  Other high-paying jobs in Karnataka include SAP Consultant, Software Engineers, and Software Developers with earnings between 4-7lakhs.


Jobs for Freshers in Karnataka


Like other cities in India, Karnataka produces hundreds of new graduates hoping to get a job as soon as they leave school. One problem though is the lack of opportunities among freshers. For Karnataka, there are some entry-level jobs that new graduates can apply.


Freshers can apply via for jobs such as associate software engineers, technical support engineers, clerical works, medical transcriptionists, SEO writers, and web developers. These are just some of the job vacancies in Karnataka for freshers.


Jobs in Karnataka In Different Sectors


The city of Karnataka enjoys high percentage of employment. With its many industries, both locals and workers from neighboring cities can take the opportunity to be employed in different companies offering hundreds of jobs each single year.


More than half of the population in the city works for the Agriculture. For this, jobs ranging from farming assistants to brand managers are available. Because agriculture is such a big scope, it crosses different industries from sales and retail to research. To name a few jobs under agriculture, you have production in-charge, data analyst, field assistant, and language support (for exporting).


Comes next is retail. Retail especially for e-commerce is a booming industry all over India.  Take a look at jobs for sales marketing, brand managers and sales associates. Likewise, the city is home to India’s biotechnology. Jobs for biotechnology are junior research fellow, project assistants, lab assistants, and research associates.


Do you want to work with the government? From banking to railways, it is not hard to look for these government jobs especially when you apply online. Then lastly, Information Technology, with many of them offers high-paying jobs.


When you search for jobs in Karnataka online, you will also come across training jobs, which are good for those who are newly graduates. These are good for starters. And yes, for well-experienced workers, there are executive level jobs like brand managers, senior analysts and project managers available.






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