Published On: Mon, Jan 9th, 2017

Kent or Aquaguard: Which One to Pick and Why?

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How difficult it is to buy a water purifier? It is a rather tricky question to answer. With so many brands and types available in the market, the world of water purifiers can be quite confusing. Thousands of households across India still don’t have a trusted source of drinking water in their homes.

This is a problem that exists even in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai where municipal authorities treat water properly before supplying it to the residential areas. But despite these purification measures, the quality of water is still questionable.

Undoubtedly,the water purifier is one of the most important appliances that people purchase before setting up a house. I recently met a newly married couple in a shopping complex close to my house. The two of them were on a search to buy a water purifier that was suitable for their needs.

Theylooked visibly confused, and the sales person was trying his best to answer the queries. They had questions like – what is RO. How is it different from the UV technology? What is double purification? So on and so forth. These are rather valid questions from a customer who wants to compare the features before spending a handsome amount on a water purifier. So, in this write-up, I have made an attempt to compare two popular products from Kent and Aquaguard, both within the price range of 15, 000 to 20, 000 Rupees.

The products that will be covered below are – KENT Ace and Aquaguard Superb RO + UV + UF + TDS Regulator. In the write-up, individual features of both the products would be discussed and this will ideally help you in selecting the best water purifier of your choice.

Kent Ace

Compactly designed to be mounted on a wall, the Kent Ace mineral RO is a suitable choice for any modern-day kitchen. It is designed to fitthe needs of the Indian kitchen.The product does not eat up much space on the counter or the wall.


The best thing about this product is that it gives you a glimpse into the intricate technology that is behind dispensing pure drinking water. The transparent plastic cover that houses the purification system is certainly intriguing. In the water storage tank, it has an indicator displaying the level of purified water stored in the tank. While the look and feel of the product is apt for any modern kitchen setup, it has various other excellent features that clearly makes it stand ahead of its competitor.

• Kent Ace comes with double purification technology propelled by RO + UF + UV as well as the TDS controller
• Driven by Mineral RO technology, this helps in removing the dissolved impurities like pesticides, chemicals, and rust from the drinking water while retaining essential minerals
• Suitable to purify water from different sources, such as, bore wells, storage tanks, and municipal tap water by adjusting the TDS levels.

Specifications of Kent Ace

• Storage Capacity – Up to 7 liters of water
• Full Automatic set-up – Auto start & off
• Built-in mechanism to support voltage fluctuations (100-300V AC)
• Computer-controlled operation to indicate the UV lamp and filter failure
• High Power 11W UV lamp for the deactivation of harmful micro-organisms
• Push-fit components for leak-proof performance
• Body of the product is made of food grade, non-breakable plastic

Certifications –

The product is also awarded with the following certifications –

• Certification WQA
• Bureau of Indian Standards
• CE Certification

Aquaguard Superb RO + UV + UF + TDS Regulator


Aquaguard Superb RO + UV + UF + TDS Regulator is yet another notable water purifier available in the market. It is a sleek and contemporarily-designed water purifier that can be comfortably placed on the table top and can even be mounted on the wall. Built with advanced technology, the product boasts of –

• Triple purification technology
• LED indicator
• Silver surety ensuring that your family has access to clean and pure water at all times

Specification of Aquaguard Superb

• Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet (UV) and Ultra Filtration (UF)
• 230 V AC operating input voltage

Certification & Recognition

• Endorsed by Indian Medical Academy
• ISO Certified

Final Verdict

When it comes to pure and pristine water supply, both brands are head to head. However, Kent Ace wins over Aquaguard Superb in certain departments. Firstly, the built-in rugged SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) of Kent Ace, instead of a standard power adaptor, is a big advantage. Secondly, the Mineral RO technology of Kent water purifier is a revolution in the field. It ensures that the essential minerals don’t leach out of the drinking water while purification. This technology is exclusively found in Kent RO water purifiers. Thirdly, the high power 11W UV lamp of Kent Ace is a modification to the existing standard of 8W UV lamp in the water purification industry.

Power disruption and poor voltage are one of many woes that spoil expensive equipment in many Indian households. With Kent Ace, you have this problem covered. The Kent water purifier also operates well even if the water flow in your home is not in great force.

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