Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2020

Key To Buying Dumbbells – Everything About Dumbbells

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Dumbbells are also called handheld free weights and they are a very important part of the gym routine. Dumbbells design includes a handle and on each end of the handle, there are circular weights attached. Dumbbells are very important for beginners.

Dumbbells primarily target arms but they can also be used to train other parts of the body. Individuals use dumbbells in different positions to achieve comprehensive results. 

It is significant to know that when it comes to any fitness equipment there is no simple singular magical equipment that you will need to address all your goals, each individual’s fitness goals are different than the others, so based on your goals you will have to make a complete setup of equipment but dumbbells will surely be in most of the bodybuilders’ dream list of gym equipment.

Benefits of using free weights

  • As mentioned earlier dumbbells are very small in size and they can be used to train most parts of the body like your legs, the core, the back and obviously your arms. You can also use them during cardio to make those exercises more challenging and fruitful.
  • They are very small in size so if people are looking to work out at their homes they can definitely use dumbbells and train their body in a very limited space and at a very little price.
  • As per a study, dumbbells play a great role in training the stabilizing muscles. stabilizing muscles are those types of muscles that do not directly involve in other heavyweight training but provide support for assistance to those muscles to perform their best and dumbbells can be great to train those muscles.
  • as mentioned earlier if you are going to work out from home, you should definitely add dumbbell to your list as they are very small in size and the cost that they come from is also very less. If you are a beginner and looking to start your strength exercise or cardio from your home you should definitely add dumbbells to your arsenal.

Type of Dumbbells

  • Fixed Dumbbells – These are the conventional types of Dummbells that include perfect circular weights on the ends.
  • Hex Dumbbells – These are new kinds of dumbbell designs and in the place of circular weights on the end, there is hexagon in the ends which means there are six sides. 
  • Adjustable Dumbbells – these are also called selectorized dumbbells and you can attach a range of weights to a single dumbbell in these types of dumbbells.
  • Circular Dummbells – In these types of dumbbells, the handle is also circular that equally distributes the weight of the dumbbell on your palm.

Importance of investing in quality dumbbells

Traditionally, people used to think that dumbbells are dumbbells no matter what type they are. It is not the case as time passes by, innovation has taken over and there are different types of dumbbells as mentioned earlier and if you are financially sound, you should definitely invest in quality dumbbells to achieve better results because the new ones pay more attention to details which is a very important factor in bodybuilding.

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