Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2017

Kids Playing Outdoor Keeps Nearsightedness Away

Risk of nearsightedness can be avoided for your kids if you allow them to play outside as a new study reveals more sunlight will help them to be less likely to need glasses.

A new study conducted on vast scale in China suggests at least 40 minutes of outdoor activities can hold off the development of myopia among children.

Myopia is also called as nearsightedness and causes inability to focus properly on distant objects.

Data reveals about 30 percent of the total population and 6 percent children in the US is affected by the disease. It is said more and more kids are being affected with myopia over time.

Kids Playing Outdoor Keeps Nearsightedness Away

According to Dr. Mingguang He from Sun Yat-sen University, parents as well as schools should encourage the kids to spend more time under the sunlight, but keeping in mind the UV protection measures are in control.

He also added if the schools are unable to add more outdoor classes, they should bring them to outside during school recess. Parents should also take care of bringing their children outside on the weekends.

About 1,900 schoolchildren of age 6 from twelve schools in Guangzhou were studied. Kids of half of the schools were encouraged playing outdoor for 40 minutes a day and the rest half schools didn’t had outdoor periods.

It was found 30.4 percent of the students developed myopia from the first six schools and 39.5 percent developed the disease from the second school.

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