Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

Know Which Indoor Plant Suits Your Lifestyle

Gardening is now the fashion and is no more the hobby of only grandmother’s. National Gardening Survey found last year 75 percent of households growth edible plants at home. It is also true cities are carving out some additional spaces for greenery and community gardens.

Plants for dark easiness

If your apartment is not well lit and the window looks onto a brick wall, you need to go for “ZZ” plant, which in full means Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It is from philodendron family and grows good in the dark. Don’t give too much water too it or else it may not survive.

For those who kill houseplants

Look for an air plant if you have killed good part of orchids and succulents too. Hang these plants decoratively or you can also place it on surfaces or interrariums. Just note that lots of indirect light is required for such plants. The light can be from a fluorescent bulb. Mist it just once-a-week.

For those who wants plant without much care

Know Which Indoor Plant Suits Your Lifestyle

Philodendron is the right answer to it. It is fast-growing and bears large, heart-shaped leaves. You can grow the plant almost anywhere, but take note that bright light may kill it. It is a resilient plant. It is worth mentioning here the plant is almost impossible to kill. It cannot be killed even if it is suffering.

Make Instagram followers jealous

Boosting your image is what many wants these days while growing plants at home. The answer for such type of plant is Monstera. It has large leaves and is native to tropical rainforests.. The leaves of Monstera are a bit tricky. They are large but still have gapes in between like windows to let light also shower on the new leaves below. So, the plant can also grow in partly shade area. It grows beautiful and looks as trendy houseplant.


Lifestyle is changing and so the choices of indoor plants. Check which plant suits your taste and how much care you can invest on it before planting one in a tub, in your home.

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