Published On: Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

Lenovo Vibe Shot vs Sony Xperia M5

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These days, buyers are facing some serious problems while picking an ideal camera phone. They explore a bunch of options and find themselves at a place from where it’s very difficult to decide which phone is the best one to go. Luckily, the latest handset from Lenovo is here to solve all the problems. The new Vibe Shot smartphone from the Chinese tech-giant promises incredible performance, and boasts an incredible camera setup for mid-range buyers. It’s probably one of the best phones available in the sub-Rs. 20,000 price bracket, and can easily deliver prolific photography experience even dull and low-light conditions.

Since Lenovo Vibe Shot offers perfect camera capabilities, many buyers are comparing this beast from another photography-focused phone, Sony Xperia M5. The new Xperia M5 comes at a higher price tag, but when you’ll go into specs, only a few differences can be marked between the two smartphones. So, in this article, we’ll have a detailed look on their key features to see which smartphone is the better choice for mid-range buyers. Have a look to know more!


When it comes to design, Sony has always been the master of all kinds! The latest of member of Xperia M family features a metal chassis and has been crafted proficiently with company’s OmniBalance design language.The device boasts glass on its rear panel, comes with IP68 certification, and looks extremely alluring in Black, White and Gold colors.It’s one of the classiest mid-range smartphones, and durable as well!

Lenovo Vibe Shot, on the other hand, features a crafty design language and looks equally premium as the Xperia M5.The powerful mid-range smartphone boasts an anodized aluminum frame around its edges and comes with glass on its rear and front-panel.It gives reminiscence of older Xperia Z series, but compared to Xperia M5, there are many difference, especially in terms of thickness and build quality.Vibe Shot lacks water and dust proofing, but is quite thinner than Xperia M5.


The visual experience packed with Xperia M5 and Lenovo Vibe Shot is simply terrific. Both smartphones produce vivid colors and accurate contrasts with their 5-inch full-HD IPS display panels. They feature identical pixel density and create a prolific ecosystem for complete entertainment while playing movies of games.

On paper, there is no big difference between the two smartphones. But in real, Xperia M5 might just take the game away with its improved Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 technology.

Hardware Capabilities

The battle for performance continues with Xperia M5 powering by the latest MediaTek Helio X10 chipset with eight cores clocked at 2.0GHz and Lenovo Shot powering by the improved Snapdragon 615 processor with four cores clocked at 1.7GHz and other four at 1.0GHz. The two smartphones feature the same 3GB of RAM, and promise buttery smooth performance without any snags or glitches. They pack top-of-the line specs, and offer ideal support to run demanding apps and games.


On the software front, there is again no big difference between Xperia M5 and Lenovo Vibe Shot. Both smartphones run the latest version of Android with their own custom skins, and pack a bunch of add-on for improved user-experience. While Xperia M5 runs Android 5.0 with native SonyUIand small amount of bloatware, Vibe Shot runs Android 5.0.2 with Vibe UI offering a plethora of features but with increased amount of bloatware on-board.


It has always been difficult to mark a difference between two camera phones. And, in this case, the competition between Vibe Shot and Xperia M5 is very close. The new Lenovo Vibe Shot boasts an impressive camera setup with a 16-megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front-facing shooter, while Sony Xperia M5 packs a higher pixel count with its 21.2-megapixel rear and 13-megapixel front-facing snapper.Both go head to head and produce ideal image,but despite lower pixel resolution, Lenovo Vibe Shot might just have an upper hand with optical image stabilization technology.Xperia M5 lacks OIS but proves perfect for capturing 4k videos and clicking crystal clear selfies.


Storage marks a major line of difference between Xperia M5 and Lenovo Vibe Shot. The powerful mid-range handset from Lenovo offers 32GB of inbuilt storage, expandable up to 128gigs, while Xperia M5, on the other side, offers just half of it with expansion up to 200GB.

Sony definitely offers enhanced support for expansion, but with low on-board storage, its nowhere near Lenovo Vibe Shot, in the storage department.


On the connectivity front, both smartphones offer decent support with a bunch of options including Wi-Fi, 3G HSPA+, 4G LTE, GPRS/EDGE, A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.1, and micro-USB 2.0. They come with built-in Cat4 4G/LTE modem, and enable blazing Internet connections with download speeds up to 150Mbps and upload speeds up to 50Mbps.Vibe Shot comes with dual-micro-SIM card slots, while Xperia M5 has a “Dual” variant with two-Nano-SIM card slots.


The battery packed with Lenovo Vibe Shot features a capacity of 2900mAh, and is much better than the 2600mAh battery equipped with Sony Xperia M5. Both phones promise to hold sufficient amount of juice, but if you’re looking for enhanced performance, Vibe Shot might just give few hours more than Xperia M5. Although, Sony holds an advantage of Ultra STAMINA Mode yet it can’t cover such a big margin.


Not long before, Lenovo announced Vibe Shot at a tempting price tag of Rs. 25,499. The device offers a nice deal, and looks much better than Xperia M5 coming at a hefty Rs. 37,990.Both smartphones are available for purchase online and offline, but spending 38k for a mediocre MediaTek powered smartphone is a complete waste of money!


To sum things up, we’ll say, Lenovo Vibe Shot looks like a better choice over Xperia M5. The powerful mid-range handset comes at a tempting price tag, and outshines Xperia M5 in several categories.It looks simply stunning and packs great performance while handling heavy apps and frequent multi-tasking.Whether you’re a photography freak or heavy gamer, this phone will deliver top-of-the line performance with no issues at all!

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