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Malaysia, Where to Go, What to See, What to Do

Malaysia is a country that offers the tourist culture, adventure, health and wellness, and a host of natural attractions on both the mainland and the many islands that form part of the country.

Malaysia, Where to Go, What to See, What to Do

Malaysia is often chosen as a stopping-off point on the journey to and from Australia or Thailand and there is an excellent network of transport to make onward journeys easy. Driving is pleasant in Malaysia and hiring a car is easy, but there are mini-buses and coaches to most important destinations:

Kuala Lumpur, more often just called KL

One of the great cities of the East with a fascinating blend of Malay, Asian and Chinese cultures. Captivating sights, sounds and smells from sizzling satays, cloying incense and the always popular durian fruit, make KL a perfect spot for a dose of culture shock. The city is easier to negotiate than Bangkok, is edgier than Singapore and has a more varied population than Hanoi.

In just 150 years, KL has turned itself from a mining village into a modern metropolis, with the Petronas Towers as the prime example of a country reaching for the sky. Unfortunately, in the rush for the new, much of the old is being demolished (like Singapore), but enough atmosphere is preserved in the colourful quarters like Chinatown, Little India and Kampung Baru..

Langkawai, Malaysia

Lying off the north-western coast of Peninsula Malaysia, Langkawi is merely one of a cluster of 99 islands which are collectively known as Langkawi. It is an island of legends and myths, miles of sandy white beaches, tranquil villages and acres of paddi-fields. Island hopping it the favourite pastime, and days can be spent boat riding.

Things to do on Langkawi include visiting Makam Mahsuri, a shrine erected in honour of Mahsuri a beautiful maiden unjustly accused of adultery whose dying curse on the island is still taken seriously by some locals. There are water-sports from most of the hotels, an Underwater World and an Oriental Village to visit, but best of all perhaps, is the Duty-free shopping.

Melaka (or Malacca) Malaysia

Now declared an official Historical city, Melaka offers the tourist a taste of what life was like centuries ago. Many parts of the city still retain a sense of another, older world, with buildings and sites standing as a reminder that Melaka was once the centre of trade for the East, a colonial spur for the Portuguese, Dutch and the British. It is unlike any other part of Malaysia and for this reason alone, is well worth a visit.

Penang, Malaysia

Few tourists can be unaware of Penang, the Pearl of the Orient and an island with a colourful history. Encompassing the bustling metropolis of Georgetown and a perfect seaside resort with idyllic beaches and resort hotels, Penang is an amalgam of the old and the new. For sheer variety of cultures and cuisines, Penang is hard to beat, whether it’s the many prewar buildings in Georgetown still standing in contrast to the skyscrapers, or the modern shops that sit side by side with the markets and temples.

Best thing about Penang are the hawker stalls with food available day and night – a treat at any time – the festivals that abound throughout the year and the kampungs lying just outside the town – a mere trishaw ride away.

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