Published On: Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

Managing your brand reputation online – what you need to know

Think of the Amazon rainforest and then think of all the individual trees within that rainforest. From a distance, all of the trees can look alike. But, come a little closer, and you can see that every tree has its own unique presence. This is the same story with businesses on the Internet. If you run a clothing business, for instance, at first you may seem like every other clothing business online; until people look closer. It’s this closer look that you have to manage in an expert manner; this dictates your brand reputation.

Managing your brand reputation online – what you need to know

If you do not pay attention to your brand reputation, you could find yourself facing costly problems. It’s not something you can simply deal with on an ad hoc basis. You need to focus on what people are saying about you, and what actions you should take, all of the time.

Know what is being said

One of the most important aspects of online brand management is knowing what is being said about you. Free online tools, such as Google Alert, help to make you aware when your brand is mentioned. If you want more help with this then it makes sense to check out online marketing services, which may be of assistance.

Most feedback can be valuable to you

You should always remember that feedback does not have to be positive to be helpful. If you are doing something which is unhelpful to customers, you need to be aware of it. It’s important that you act on negative feedback as soon as possible. Negative feedback does not mean one person having a personal dislike of a design; it means a legitimate concern that may have been voiced by several people. You should consider the concerns carefully, and make the best long term decision you can.

Hiding is not a good idea

We mentioned that one comment should not necessarily lead to a change in your processes, but it should still not be ignored. People will usually respect you if you recognise their comments; even if there is nothing you can do to resolve their issues.

Be constructive and friendly, not defensive and confrontational

It’s never a good idea to be confrontational with people who have an issue with your brand. It’s not a playground argument, and you need to remain professional. If you are polite and helpful, you will come across as a brand that people want to deal with.

Take legal action if necessary

Before the Internet existed, it was a lot harder for news to get around. The increased speed of communication is often a good thing. But, this may not be the case if people are saying things which are not true. If false rumours are being circulated about your business, you may need to take action. This can include consulting a legal professional.

Never be complacent about your brand reputation; things can change in seconds. You need to be aware of any issues as soon as they happen, in order to manage and protect your reputation.

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