Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2014


Narendra Modi Saturday said will have to give up its “expansionist mindset” and that no power in the world can snatch Arunachal Pradesh from India.

“It is because of the brave martyrs of the state that the eastern frontier of the country is safe. Times are changing now and China must change its attitude towards Arunachal Pradesh. I am here to assure you that no force in the world can take Arunachal Pradesh from India,” Modi said at a massive public rally in the state’s Pasighat town.

In the east, Arunachal Pradesh receives the first Sun rays in the country while in the west, Gujarat receives the last rays of the Sun. The Sun, while going down, promises Gujarat every evening that it would come again in Arunachal Pradesh the next day, said Modi, adding that Arunachal Pradesh is the state that wakes up the country every day.

At the Pasighat ghat rally, as also at Silchar in Assam, Modi took up the burning issues of the two states and appealed the people to give him 60 months time (a five-year Lok Sabha term) to resolve the problems and bring development to the region. Modi also expressed his grief over the recent killing of Arunachal Pradesh student Nido Taniam in New Delhi and suggested there be hostels for students and job seekers from the northeast in plces like New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai and other place.

Modi also slammed Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, saying that when the state was reeling under severe floods in 2012, he was in the US and Japan. “When he was asked about this, he (Gogoi) said he had gone to the US to study floodwater management. You have trusted the Congress for 60 years. So where is the harm in listening to me only once. Give me just 60 months,”

Modi also compared the eight states of the northeastern to Asta Lakshmi (eight avatar of goddess Lakshmi), saying the lotus (the BJP symbol) must bloom in the region as it was the goddess’ seat.he said “We must develop the northeast, which is Asta Lakshmi, and only then will the country develop and prosper,”

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