Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2019

Modi suggests world to say good buy to single-use plastics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at an international gathering at the COP14 conference Monday it is time to say good buy to single-use plastics.

Modi added that India would implement on it in the coming years and his government is committed to such development of such substitutes which are environment-friendly.

On the occasion of World Environment Day in 2018 India pledged to bid adieu to single-use plastics by 2022, which is to mark 75 years of the country’s independence.

Citing Clean India Mission of the country Modi said, “Human empowerment is closely linked to the state of environment – be it harnessing water resources or reducing the usage of single use plastic.”

Modi praised the Swachcha Bharat Mission and said, “The way ahead is behavioural change. It is only when all sections of society decide to achieve something, we can see the desired results.”

Meanwhile, environment minister Prakash Javadekar briefed the press saying Modi talked about good-bye to the single-use plastics and not to put a ban on it and so he is making appeal to the consumers to say no to the product.

Modi suggests the word to say good buy to single-use plastics

Javadekar added that the uncollected plastic waste is a problem and so the primary focus is to collect and recycle those.

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