Published On: Wed, Oct 7th, 2015

Most beautiful national parks in India

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India is a land of diverse cultures, picturesque landscapes and lots of national parks. There is one national park in almost every state of India, which attracts a large number of tourists, mostly the animal lovers. Of all, the following national parks stand out in terms of their beauty. Read on to know more.

  • Karnataka – Bandipur National Park

The Chamarajanagar district in the state of Karnataka is where the Bandipur National Park is located. Established in the year of 1931, it is the oldest and most well-known sanctuary of India, reserved for tigers. It is best visited early in the morning, especially if you love photography. The safari timing is only early morning and the passes are limited. So do not be a lazy bump and rise early if you want to see the animals.

•	Karnataka – Bandipur National Park

  • Uttarakhand – Jim Corbett National Park

Situated in Nainital, Uttarakhand, the Jim Corbett National Park protects the Bengal tigers of the country, which are critically endangered. The National Park is home to more than 40 species of trees, 500 bird species and around 60 species of animals with 30 reptile species. Most commonly spotted are elephants, wild boars and birds. To spot a tiger, you need luck favoring you. The weather within is very cold so you need to carry sufficient protection with you.

Uttarakhand – Jim Corbett National Park

  • Madhya Pradesh – Kanha National Park
    Satpura Hills, in the Maikal range of Madhya Pradesh is where Kanha is located. It initially was only a sanctuary but in 1995 was declared as a national park as a tiger reserve. It offers a thrilling experience to watch the wildlife. The best time to visit is between October and December.

 Madhya Pradesh – Kanha National Park

  • West Bengal – Sunderbans
    Sunderbans is a vast stretch of mangrove forests in the southernmost tip of Bengal that meets the Arabian Sea. The UNESCO declared it as a forest reserve and later in 1989 it was declared as a Biosphere Reserve. The area stretches roughly over 4000 km, 1500 km of which is occupied by canals, rivers and creeks. For a relaxing and serene holiday, this place is perfect. Abundant in natural scenic beauty, there is much to explore at your own interests. For instance, to some, the tiger appeal may be appealing but others might prefer hiring a boat with the permit to go further in the forest and spot tigers or crocodiles. Also, you can just be lazying around, bathing in the sun and relishing on sumptuous Bengali food.

 West Bengal – Sunderbans

  • Assam – Kaziranga National Park
    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kaziranga National Park is located in the Nagaon and Golaghat districts in the eastern state of Assam. In the year 1905, it was declared as a Reserve Forest. Best time to visit Kaziranga is in mid November. The most abundant animals there are the Rhinos. Apart from Rhinos, you can even spot wild elephants and buffalos. The element ride should be taken at dawn to make the most of your trip.

 Assam – Kaziranga National Park

To reach these national parks, you need to reach their nearest railway stations and then go by road. You could of course, even choose to fly but the fun of traveling by train, enjoying delicious food on train and getting to spend more quality time with the one’s you are traveling, trains over flights are preferred.

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