Published On: Sat, Feb 8th, 2014


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Every one is playin trump cardssss . congress had already demoralized AAP just bec’z they are government. yesterady modi sir was addressing few muslims in AHEMDABAD. Full controversis  are always on the floor by media . but if gujrat can become as a top most tax paying state ,that means like every one is rich there.

When lokshabha elections are coming   JDU ,NCP,BJP,AND CONGRESS..Fight is here today Rahul  is in gujrat and modi sir is in assam . just to convince the easterns .he is the MAN like{ metropolitan area network}.  A question asked by chetan bhagat yesterday “why Rahul was not nominated for PM”

its going to be hard for the voters but yes we know what we have to do. All the adverdisments on TV for any political party is for PALM.

Yet waiting for a new add on TV  for coming PM

Who are they ???… each state had there own problems ,but who is there to respond us is just NAMO NAMO

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