Published On: Mon, Feb 13th, 2017

Notable Advances in Robotics You Can Expect in the Near Future

Robotics has been on the forefront of the technology boom in the last few decades. What used to be only possible in comic books and science fiction has now become a reality in modern society. Fully automated manufacturing lines, flying drones and semi-autonomous robots are just some examples of what has now become part oftoday’s technological landscape.

However, these advances don’t just stop here. The field of robotics continues to take strides in advancing its technology to greater heights. Many different industries are already benefitting from these applications and are greatly improving our quality of life as a result.

Notable Advances in Robotics You Can Expect in the Near Future

Here is a list of some of the big developments in robotics that you can expect in the next few years.


Wireless networking has done a great deal to improve modern communications systems. Beyond improving Internet connectivity, robotics has also taken advantage of this in the form of telerobotics. This is an area of robotics, which focuses on using wireless networks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or tethered connections to control semi-autonomous robots over a certain distance.

One of the current applications for telerobotics includes assistance in remote medical surgery. However, this particular application is far from perfect at the moment. Still, the medical field is continually trying to improve this technology to allow for more seamless remote operations.


Automation has been one of the most practical applications for robotics since its inception. For instance, assembly line work that requires repetitive, mechanical labor can be easily performed by industrial robots in a fast and efficient manner. However, many automation systems are now trying to take things to the next level with the development of smarter artificial intelligence.

System engineers are trying to determine which decisions can now be left up to the automated system during the production cycle. An optimized cycle where less human input is needed can greatly speed up throughput and maximize efficiency as a result. Like any design choice though, there is still a need to strike a balance between automation and human decision making. It is expected to see more innovations in the field of automated robotics in the coming years.

Industrial Robotics

Today’s industrial robots make use of precision miniature motors and digital controller signals to coordinate its movements when performing delicate tasks. There have been some exciting developments with the use of swarm intelligence to enhance the controller schemes that automated processes run in industrial settings. Similar to how bees coordinate their movements, innovative design research is looking into using similar algorithms found in nature. These new types of controller schemes aim to provide more efficient and optimal control over industrial robots. This could spell an even more seamless interface between humans and machines once the technology is perfected.

AI Algorithm and Intelligent Design

The program that runs each robot is just as important as the machine itself. Without an effective means of controlling them, their efficiency is greatly put into question.This is why a lot of effort is constantly being put into improving robotic artificial intelligence (AI). Intelligent designs mostly hinge on having the robot take specific actions based on the input it receives from sensors or other data gathering instruments. It is not uncommon see most of this type of application placed in unmanned exploration and data gathering. This is especially useful in environments that are unfit for humans, such as deep sea or space exploration.

With so many possibilities that robotics bring, it’s no wonder that many are excited to see what the future may bring with this amazing technology.

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