Published On: Wed, Feb 18th, 2015

Now It’s Time for 3D Selfie

It is hard to find a person using a Smartphone to not know what a selfie is. Selfies are the craze of Smartphone users all over the world.  Now, the selfie crazy people can get the 3D replica of themselves, thanks to DOOB 3D, a German company, which is offering 3D selfie.

You can get a detailed selfie of four inch size by paying just $95. To make the four-inch 3D images there is a need for many hardware and software.  The requirement includes 54 DSLR, complex 3D modeling pipeline, full color 3D printer, 54 lenses and a scanning booth with necessary space. It is not possible to own these requirements as the 3D printer alone may cost $80,000.

Now It’s Time for 3D Selfie

DOOB 3D is a company based in Dusseldorf and it owns four 3D scanning booths in different parts of the world. One of the scanning booth is located in Dusseldorf itself and the other three are located in Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Chelsea market in New York.

According to the reports, the company is trying to open more scanning booths in different locations in the US.

Each scanning booth will be fitted with many DSLRs which are arranged in nine columns consisting of six cameras. The customer can get into the booth and strike the pose and all the cameras will get operated at once by the booth operator, to create a full scan of the body of the person within a fraction of a second.

The 18MP images created in the first step will be fed into the proprietary software of the company, which produces the 3D model of the object. The scanning operations are supported by three 3D printers of high quality from the company.

It takes a few hours to complete the printing process of small sized statue and the larger images will take half a day or more to get printed.

The customers can also receive their replica through the mail, but it will take two to eight weeks to reach it your door step.

If the user needs a life-sized replica you can give the request to the operator. However, the availability of life-size replica depends on the size of the person or how many people have posed for the 3D selfie.  A life-sized 3D selfie can cost you about $ 75,000.

The word selfie came into existence due to the use of Smartphones for taking self pictures. In 2013, the Oxford dictionary announced the word selfie as the “Word of the Year”. There are new gadgets and accessories coming out everyday for taking perfect selfie.

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