Published On: Sat, Feb 14th, 2015

Obama Asks Private Tech Firms to Share More Information to Control Cyber Crime

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U.S President Barrack Obama urged the private tech firms to share more information with the Government as well as with other tech companies to tackle the problem of cybercrime. Obama was giving a speech at a Cyber Security Summit in Silicon Valley.

The cyber security has become a major priority for the White House after the hack Of Sony Pictures in December 2014.

However, some of the tech firms are apprehensive of the government surveillance.

The invitation to the summit held at Stanford University, was turned down by the senior executives of Facebook, Google and Yahoo. However, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook attended the conference.

Obama Asks Private Tech Firms to Share More Information to Control Cyber Crime

Currently, the tech firms and the US government are having a strained relationship as the electronic surveillance practice of the government was exposed by Edward Snowden, the former contractor of the National Security Agency.

U.S is creating an organization called Information Sharing And Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) to help tech firms and government share information on possible threats.

According to Whitehouse, the plan is to develop a common set of standards for firms to follow to protect the civil liberties. An intelligence unit also has been launched by the president to coordinate the analysis of cyber threats.

Mr. Obama said that everyone is connected with each other like never before and all have to work jointly to seize the opportunities and to face the challenges of the new information age.

He added that government is incapable of doing this alone just like the tech companies. However, government often has the latest information about the new threats.

According to a cyber security analyst, most of the proposals made by them receive no backing from large tech companies or from the Congress.

Ben Desjardins, director of security solutions at cyber security firm Radware told that, after the leaks made by Snowden, the big companies feel that they have been targeted by the government badly and thinks that they do not have anything to gain by backing the proposal made by the president.

Obama is trying to bring a collaborative move to beat the cyber threats and to give a coordinated federal approach to the task.

It seems that the senior figures of Silicon Valley are skeptic about allying with the administration after the revelations made by Snowden.

Some of the big companies in Silicon Valley are still struggling to regain the faith of the customers which has been lost by the revelations made more than one and a half year ago.

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