Published On: Tue, Jan 27th, 2015

Official Website Of Malaysia Airlines Hacked By Lizard Squad

Malaysia Airlines is the latest to face the brunt of a cyber attack. Its official website was hacked today by a group called “Official Cyber Caliphate”.

The website today displayed the photograph of a lizard wearing a tuxedo along with a top hat, with the caption 404-plane not found. Below the photograph were the words ‘hacked by Lizard Squad-official Cyber Caliphate’. The hackers took over the main page of the website earlier today and made comments about an Islamic state.

There were three twitter account addresses and a rap song listed by the hackers. The representatives of the airline did not respond about the issue.

Official Website Of Malaysia Airlines Hacked By Lizard Squad

Last year, the Malaysian airlines were hit by two air disasters. The first one was the vanishing of the flight MH 370 in March the shooting down of the flight MH 17 after a few months.

After a couple of hours, the website started functioning normally, but it showed a pop up message with customer privacy statement.

Malaysian airlines said that it would take the necessary steps to make sure that the data on their website is safe.

However, according to CNBC, Malaysian airlines rejected the claims that its website has been hacked by the notorious hacker group “Lizard Squad”. As per the report, the system will be recovered fully within 22 hours.

Lizard squad was behind the confusion caused in Xbox live and PlayStation network during the Christmas weekend last year. Xbox Live was able to rectify the problem within one day, but, the outage of the Playstation network lasted for three days. The hackers said that they wanted to show the incompetency of these companies.

The reports suggest that the hacking group has started selling the denial of service attack tool. This attacking tool allows the users to overload the server with access request and make the network unavailable for the users. Any person can take down the working of the website using the tool called “lizard Stresser”.

Lizard squad claims that any company can test the security of their website by using this tool. They are offering packages starting from $6 per month for taking down a website for 100 seconds.

Soon after hacking the Sony’s PlayStation network and Microsoft Xbox, the Lizard Squad announced that their new target is Tor, a network that allows the users to remain anonymous while using the internet. The lizard squad has the twitter account “lizard mafia”.

It is not clear why the lizard squad has selected the official site of national carrier of Malaysia.

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