Published On: Mon, Apr 24th, 2017

OMG! India Goes Step Beyond In Issuing Identification. Cattles Too Got ID

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A tamper-proof Unique Identification Number (UIN) could soon be issued by the Indian government for cows, calves, oxen and bulls in the country to stop smuggling of such cattles.

The identification of animals is to include age, breed, sex, height, lactation, body color, tail switch, horn type and also if any special marks.

The Centre informed Apex Court on Monday about the new idea that is aimed to resist cow smuggling.

Solicitor general Ranjit Kumar told a bench of Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice D Y Chandrechud that the animals will be tagged with a UIN and ministry of agriculture has come up with a method of doing so by using polyurethane tags.

OMG! India Goes Step Beyond In Issuing Identification. Cattles Too Got ID

It is learned the identification could be made mandatory for cows and their progeny in the country.

A state-level data bank may be uploaded on a related website that will be linked to the national online database.

A high-level-inter-ministerial committee said, “barren cows or bulls or low-yielding animals are sold to organized smugglers or are abandoned on the roads from where they are captured and smuggled to international borders.”

The committee added such move by the center is to prevent the smuggling of non-milking cattle.

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