Published On: Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

OMG! These Six Dog Breeds Are In Fact Dangerous For Us

Dogs are everywhere. They are in the house and they are outside as well. They are pretty a playing mate for kids and they are the useful weapons for police. They can sniff planted bombs and they can smell cancer cell too. But do we know some dogs are really dangerous for us.


Dobermans are potentially dangerous even though their reputations have improved over the years. They have good size and good strength too. In 2011 a pet Doberman in the United States was reported to have killed an elderly woman.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are basically trained by police and other such agencies. They have more than 1,060 newton bite force and is suggested to be properly raised. They have the tendencies of attacking smaller dogs and that could result devastating.

OMG! These Six Dog Breeds Are In Fact Dangerous For Us


Data between 1993 and 1996 reveals fifty percent of dog bite deaths in the US were linked to Rottweiler. They are very powerful with bite force of up to 1,460 newtons.

Pit Bull

Pit Bulls in fact are banned in several countries as they are highly violent. A data released in 1991 reveals 94 percent of attacks on children by them were unprovoked. Each year few dozens of people in the United States are killed by them.

Great Dane

Great Danes are sometimes very dangerous if not cared in the correct way. They stand tall and can get up to 200lbs.

Fila Brasiliero

Fila Brasilieros have good tracking abilities but can be very aggressive too sometimes. They also go uncontrollable and this is the reason several countries have banned the breed. They are also popularly known as Brazilian Mastiff.

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