Published On: Wed, Sep 3rd, 2014

On Its Own, Scotland Is an Easy Russian Target

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At the moment, Scotland is in the middle of deciding whether it will go as an independent country, completely free from the United Kingdom, or not. As lucrative and tempting as it may sound, if Scotland chooses to stand on its own, there are high consequences to deal with. One key consequence is that it will become a very easy target to invade for the Russians. This is because the country will become very vulnerable on its coastline sector. As of the moment, however, the coastline of Scotland is pretty well guarded by the naval forces that belong to the Great Britain. According to an opinion brought up by military think tank of the Great Britain, the Royal United Services Institute, if the Scottish people decide to stand on their own, this will see the British people recalling their military units from where they are currently based, in Scotland. It is estimated that this will also cost the United Kingdom no less than £3.5 billion. Yet, the bigger loss will be suffered by the Scottish people themselves as they will no longer have any coastline protection, at least for quite a few years to come.

Scotland Coast

After all, it is a norm for the people of Scotland to see the people of the Russian federation sailing their submarines there, in the water territory of the Scotland. Normally witnessed several times a year, these Russian submarines may even, at times, require the military vessels of the Great Britain currently located in Scotland to perform a counter maneuver.


Besides, for the past few months, the Russian government has well been involved in some military adventures of sorts. As most people may have witnessed and heard from the news on TVs, Russia is believed to have been responsible for helping the opposite party to fight against the Ukrainian government. Well, at this moment, however, it is safe to say that Russia should have no reason whatsoever to encourage it to invade the land of the Scottish. Nonetheless, if the British military fleet of vessels, the Trident fleet, is pulled away from the country, this will – theoretically, at least – give Russia freedom to do just about anything it may be interested in doing in the Northern waters.

Russian Federation

Yet, as for this moment, because Scotland is still not quite an independent country, such a move has not been possible for the Russian government to commence. There are currently at least five military British vessels guarding the Scotland’s River Clyde. These vessels are located strategically at the Faslane Naval Base. In addition to the five British military vessels, there are also seven mine hunter ships and three patrol ships, all of which are armed and ready for counter maneuvers against attacks launched by invaders. And, as if all those forces are not enough, there will be an addition of five military submarines to the country within a couple of years, as reported by the UK Defence Journal. Just for information, the Trident military vessels of the Great Britain have been protecting the coastline of the country ever since the year 1994 and these vessels are well capable of launching very deadly nuclear missiles known as the Trident II D-5.


Yet, in spite of all those heavily armed forces patrolling the coastline of Scotland, the country’s own navy forces are still considerably prone to attacks, according to the Scottish Global Forum director, Dr. John MacDonald. One reason is that no surface vessel of major influence is to be seen in Scotland. To add to that, there is absolutely no maritime patrol planes at all to be seen patrolling the country’s borders, at least after the year 2011. Although the Nimrod maritime patrol aircrafts known as the Hawker Siddeley had indeed patrolled the country’s borders for more than forty years altogether, the last of the fleet had been decommissioned since 2011. And now, if the people of Scotland vote ‘yes’ for independence, they will see the Trident military vessels leave their country as well, leaving the country totally open for invasion from other countries. Russia, in this case, seems to have a pretty high probability of invading Scotland should it become independent. However, if Scotland eventually becomes a free country, this will make England the very first country to have the honor of having its arsenal of nuclear weapons based in a free country. Yet, as for Scotland, it will have to spend for at least six years of making changes to its military forces.

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