Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014

‘Our cinema will emerge stronger’

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There are two streams that run through our cinematic landscape. one is the popular cinema, the post Independence Gangotri, so to say . It derived its strength from gaints like raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy and Guru Dutt. there is another stream, as first shown by the great Satyajit Roy. He capture the complex reality of rural India in his own distinguished way.

the two stream were always like two railway tracks that run alongside but never meet. However, they met in the mid-1970s with the birth of parallel cinema thanks to the works of Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalani and M.S Stahyu. It gave birth to middle of the road cinema. By the mid-1970s, the two streams crossed each other’s path. My best work, too, came roughly in that phase…

Having said that, I agree that by and large, Hindi cinema has been an escapist proposition because the nation used the cinema as an escape parlor. Our predecessors always harped on the truth that cinemas were distilleries of pleasure. Theatres were like Disneyland for them. They believed, and most still do, that when millions go to taste a narrativ which is never going to be possible in real life.. where equality will prevail, love will win, it has to be an escapist venture. However, I don’t necessarily find the expression demeaning.

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