Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

Past, present and future of vaping

If we look at the vaping market, we can see a new e-cigarette, e-juice or brand every day. Vaping industry is flourishing at a higher pace with the passage of time. A large number of people have started vaping for some reason and more are expected to join the club in near future. On the other hand number of e-cigarettes producers is also increasing day by day.

Past, present and future of vaping

Due to increased number of competitors in vaping industry, e-cigarette producers are ‘’innovaping’’ to compete with each other and gain more market share than others. The best way to ‘’innovape’’ is through technology i.e. “technovaping’’. But first, let’s have a look that how it has started and where is it standing right now and what will be the future of this industry.


Back in 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert was the first person to introduce a smoke-free non-tobacco cigarette but he was failed to do mass production of his product. Later on in 2003 “Hon Lik” a pharmacist from China has invented e-cigarette after the death of his father caused by smoking. Hon Lik has made a device that vaporized the PG (propylene glycol) which is one of the main ingredients of e-liquid.

Lik’s main idea was to provide a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but in 2007 two British entrepreneurs ‘’Umer and Tariq Sheikh” have introduced the first Cartomizer that joins the coil with tank. After that in 2009, Clearomizer was introduced which has combines wicking material, tank and atomizer in a single case. Furthermore, variable voltage batteries have increased the joy of vaping.


After the introduction of clearomizer and variable voltage batteries, this industry has become really lucrative for the existing manufacturers as well as for the new comers. Total market share on vaping industry in 2008 was approx. $20 million and today it is more than $2 billion.

While talking about vaping devices, vape mods are ruling the vapers now. Vape mods are the true gadgets of vaping industry with OLED screen, ohm reader, battery level indicator and internal chip. These vape mods are also called Advanced Personal Vaporizers as it provides customized vaping experience according to the choice of vapers.


In the near future e-cigarettes with nickel wire are going to rule. This nickel wire has high electrical and thermal conductivity which makes it temperature regulated that allows production of thick vapor and greater flavor. Besides this, organic cotton coils are replacing traditional bleached cotton coils. These organic cotton coils are free from any impurities.

Customization is the key element for the boost of vaping industry. As we have seen that after production of customized e-cigarettes and vape mods, a large of smokers have shifted to vaping also a number of non-smokers have started vaping as a hobby because this key element has allowed the vapers to enjoy an ultimate vaping experience of their choice.

In future c-cigarettes producers will be more focused on technology integration by making more long lasting batteries. Advanced processors and micro-chips will allow different apps to work. A normal atomizer expires between one to three weeks. It is expected that technovaping will increase the life of atomizer from weeks to months. Another issue related to health is toxicants found in e-juices. More and more researches are taking place to make e-juices safer to health even if it is nicotine free so that all kinds of restrictions and bans can be lifted and vaping industry could produce more profit.

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