Published On: Sun, Aug 24th, 2014

People Don’t Have to Hold Their Breath Swimming in This Pool!

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In this world, there are not few people out there who literally do not know how to swim. Whenever they get into a swimming pool, they will most likely drown. Some may get drowned because they simply panic whenever they get under the water. Some others may get drowned because they can’t seem to hold their breath whenever they get into a swimming pool. Keeping that in mind, it makes good sense if these people never want to go to a swimming pool anymore in their life. Now this is really a sad situation. After all, swimming is an important thing to master. For an example, people never know when floods may come and when they do come, those who can’t swim are most likely to drown and lose their lives. However, things may change soon for the people out there who do not know how to swim. The thing is, there is now actually a swimming pool in which people will not have to hold their breath at all. This pool is a result of the creative work and idea by Leandro Erlich, an artist who comes from the country of Argentina.


By far, most people will be wondering how this is even possible, if at all. It turns out that when people get into this swimming pool designed by Erlich, the Argentine artist, they will actually not be underwater. Well, they are under the water but not literally underwater. For those who are confused, Erlich makes use of a transparent plastic layer that acts as a perimeter for his swimming pool. This layer blocks the water above the swimming pool to enter the part underneath it. This layer has a thickness of ten centimeters so the water of the swimming pool is only as deep as ten centimeters, not any deeper.


Thanks to such a creative use of a transparent perimeter layer, people will think that the swimming pool is actually quite a deep one if they take a look at it from above. What these viewers from above the pool do not realize is that despite its depth, the swimming pool does not actually have any water in it for the part that exists under the perimeter layer mentioned earlier. As a result, those who decide to pay a visit to this swimming pool will not have to worry about such a thing as holding their breath because they do not have to do that. Well, perhaps they do need to hold their breath, but only while they are passing the perimeter layer, which is only ten centimeters thick. After all, in order to get into the part of the swimming pool underneath the perimeter layer, people will have to climb down the ladder that goes through the layer and down to the waterless part of the swimming pool.


Because they do not have to hold their breath at all in the swimming pool, a lot of people have been trying to make use of the part of the swimming pool that is under the perimeter as a place for gathering and even chatting with their friends. In fact, if conditions allow, these people will even make the swimming pool one of their favorite picnic destinations, perhaps.


Up to this point, some people may still be confused about the design of such a swimming pool. In that case, these people may want to consider watching the videos of the swimming pool. After all, the videos of this very unique pool are not something that people can’t possibly find on the internet. By watching the videos closely, it will not be that hard at all to understand how such a unique concept for a swimming pool can actually work, eliminating people’s fear of drowning in a pool due to their lack of ability to hold their breath under the water. Well, it seems that this pool by Leandro Erlich will be the trend of the future when it comes to a swimming pool.

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