Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

Proven Tips On How To Create Great Workplace

Employee appreciation and recognition contributes to a positive and productive work environment. When leaders in an organization demonstrate the importance of employee appreciation, others in the organization are more likely to follow. The more individuals feel appreciated and acknowledged for their contributions, the higher their job satisfaction.

Proven Tips On How To Create Great Workplace

People are less apt to stay with one company in their lifetime and most will move between several companies. Many people will not only change jobs or companies, but will even change careers. In order for companies to retain talented individuals, they must offer cutting-edge incentives, innovative rewards and a unique work environment.

Creating a Great Workplace

According to Great Places to Work Institute, “In a great workplace, how people are treated adds significantly to the competitive advantages available to the organization”. Indeed, companies that invest in their employees are going to see a return on that investment. When organizations offer rewards and recognition, incentives, and other innovative benefits, employees’ loyalty and satisfaction will increase. Further, the word gets around. Companies who reward and recognize the efforts of their employees will see increased job applications and higher retention rates.

The Great Places to Work Institute has published FORTUNE 100’s “Best Companies to Work For® in America” on a yearly basis. The Institute suggests that the essential ingredient between employer and employee is trust. “Trust is composed of three dimensions: Credibility, Respect, and Fairness”. If these dimensions can truly be achieved, employees will work for companies that truly put their employees first.

Ideas for a Better Workplace

There are many things that companies can do to create a great workplace. Recognizing employees for their achievements and contributions is a great way to keep employees happy. Creating a community feel as opposed to a hierarchical structure will make employees feel that they are really part of something bigger within the organization.

Organizations can encourage an atmosphere for having fun at work. People can work hard and be highly productive, and still play hard, have fun and laugh. Employers can encourage monthly contests for fun, silly awards and also genuine rewards for contributions. Companies can sponsor or participate in community events to encourage camaraderie and shared special interests.

Creating a positive and productive corporate cultural will lead to employee satisfaction. Employees who work for these types of organizations will tend to feel increased loyalty and a real sense of belonging. The benefits to any organization of creating a great place to work will far exceed the cost and should always be considered worth the effort.

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