Published On: Sat, Jun 9th, 2018

Punkin Chunkin In Delaware Is Big Hit Nationwide

Delawareans know how to have a good time, and they only state that can say they chunk pumpkins farther than anyone else! Founded right here in the first state, is an unusually delightful three day festival known as “Punkin Chunkin” where expert and amature “Chunkers” from across the United States come together each November to see who can build the best pumpkin chucking contraption. Originally in Millsboro, Delaware, the unique festival has gotten so popular, that they had to move it to a bigger venue in Bridgeville, Delaware. Whether it’s your first time attending this festival, or you come every year, you will certainly agree, this event really hits the mark.

Punkin Chunkin In Delaware Is Big Hit Nationwide

The Punkin Chunkin boasts several competitions for chunking pumpkins, from the trebuchet to the cannons. They have several machine classes, including separate competitions for men and women. The farthest a pumpkin has ever been chunked? An astounding 4483.51 feet. But that’s all that’s going on at this festival. Vendors line the fields, and campers in their RVs and tents are tailgating throughout the duration of the festival. Vendors sell good from Native American moccasins to deep fried Oreo cookies, and in past years, they have even had a mechanical bull for the drunken festival goers to challenge.

The Chunkin also has live entertainment to fill in the gaps between the pumpkin chunking extravaganza. But for many of the people who attend this unusual festival, it’s all about the chunking! The competition is quite stiff, and old rivalries die hard here in Sussex County. And there are always new faces who join the competition, making the competition each year better and better. Competitors spend all year making themselves ready for the festival, and testing their gadgets to make sure they have the edge. This festival is so out there that it has even been the subject of a few Science Channel shows.

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