Published On: Wed, Jul 10th, 2019

Rahul Gandhi to have larger than life image: Salman Khurshid

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Rahul Gandhi would be considered as larger than life image among party workers, said former Law Minister Salman Khurshid.

He admitted currently the state of affairs seems to be a bit confused run to the finishing line, but Rahul Gandhi is not walking away.

Salman Khurshid added, “He has said that he is going to be in fight. Now, if he has said he remains in fight, he will not be a little Salman Khurshid or a little somebody else.”

He further said that Congress is looking for such leader who can work in tandem and this should not be considered as a replacement for Rahul Gandhi.

Salman Khurshid talked about young leader versus old leader ahead of the launch of his book titled Visible Muslim Invisible Citizen. He said the leader should be such who is really outstanding and who is the best in the Congress party. Finding such leader should not be limited by age.

Congress is currently going through a phase of leadership crisis since the poor performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Talking to The Hindu the former minister further discussed about what defines an Indian Muslim.

Salman Khurshid said the Muslims have Indian identity, whether progressive modern Muslim or conservative one. The Muslims in India can be unbelieving or an atheist.

Rahul Gandhi to have larger than life image: Salman Khurshid

About the poor performance in the Lok Sabha elections he said the results have stunned Congress party and time is required to decipher it.

He said, “I don’t favour the argument that being a secular Hindu, you cannot vote for the BJP. You can vote for the BJP or some other party. A lot of people who were not socialists or communists had voted for us when Mrs Indira Gandhi had a socialist platform.”

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