Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2013

Real Estate- A business in tycoon

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The real estate of the Mantra developers has announced the S. Basskaran  Deekshadar as the chief Finical officer and this person has responsibilities for cash flow, fund rising and leads the company to the highest level. The SEBI ordered to attach all the properties and bank account of the Sahara Indian real estate. The two Sahara firms raise the money for the million of investors by the OFCDs (optionally fully convertible debentures). In the month of the December, the Supreme Court gives time to refund.  The Mumbai market has 39% under construction and 8300 units or unsold by the inventory. The comprehensive report indicates the future of the construction sectors like mechanization, pre cast and project management system.  Every one like to buy the loveable home to settle their life, you have to find the best real estate agent to buy   place to build the home.  The agents inverse more money in their business that will easy to earn their profit in a short time and getting more income. The labor shortage gives 65 per cent for the decade and they give more workforce for the industries and traditional brick for the user.  Nowadays, most of the  people  facing difficulties  to maintain their  profit  from the interest, because the material  rate are  not  at a constant rate so it will be difficult  to face  problem in the  real estate.  The government has taken steps to reduce the interest in the net profit which will trouble free to maintain their profit with themselves. They will make the note of each and everything  in the  balanced  sheets  that  will be  useful for the  new estate agents to  inverse their profit in the real estate  business, so you have to  find the best agents  to save the money.

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