Published On: Mon, Jan 16th, 2017

Reflections on Salvation, Sharanarthi and Mumuksha Applauded for Maiden Entry

New Delhi, 16 January 2017: Transcendent Zero Press in association with Shambhabi and Hawakal Publishers launched three books, Reflections on Salvation by KiritiSengupta, Sharanarthi by BitanChakraborty and Mumuksha by Kaushik Acharya.

‘Reflections on Salvation’ is a collection of anecdotal wisdom that serves to both illuminate and discuss the paradox of faith. While Mumuksha, a book published in the author’s hand-written script, which is the Sanskrit-adaptation of KiritiSengupta’s much acclaimed book, Reflections on Salvation. Mumuksha has been appreciated by the Sanskrit scholars in and around India. Mumuksha has been released globally and it has been a bestselling title in the United States in Indian Literature. Sharanarthi, is a Bangla-adaptation of KiritiSengupta bestselling title, Reflections on Salvation.


Speaking on the book launch ‘Reflections on Salvation’ Author KiritiSengupta said, “Prof Mary Madec called it flash wisdom. My publisher called it a historical moment in literature. Critics have referred my work to as poetry. But I love to bend the genres.”

“We see a mind grappling with eccentric paradoxes presented in India’s most elusive Scriptural text, and coming to the conclusion that rebirth comes from awareness within,” he added. This collection of reflections modernizes religious devotion. This self-interview that the reader absorbs reveals a man of tradition who is not afraid of stepping ahead.

In this new genre of “Flash Wisdom”, this book takes us gently and boldly into everyday life to scrutinize the beliefs we work out of, often with a touch of ironic humour that leads us to laugh at our foibles and brings us into a deeper understanding as to what salvation might mean today.”

Bitan Chakraborty author of Sharanarthi said, “I wanted to reach out to my extended self. The greater being. The questions raised by me and the answers embedded in the text point to one realization. I only am HE. It has been a challenging work to say the least.”

Kaushik Acharya author of Mumuksha said,” It is a unique and non-conventional attempt which can be a part of modern sanskrit literature. I enjoyed thoroughly while narrating my philosophy being a common man as to how one thinks about the sastras, rules, etc. and how one can achieve salvation through daily life. Adhering to the sweetness of the Sanskrit language has been extremely challenging.”

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