Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2013

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The new pope has debated in the Catholic Church in India that will be lived up the public activism. The church has become more involved in the   social works in all counties, so take to take some step for the conflict.  The church maintaining is becoming so difficult, because it has many fanning Communism in the church.  The All India   Christian Council is involved in this problem   to get the clear idea. The    Indian church will make for itself and the church cannot involve in any social works that is the holy place to relax you.  The Dayal also expressed concern that   gana rape of  23 year old girl but the church was not able to   make felt.  Many churches in India have more number NOGs works of  public activism and  few of  the church will support  for the  NOGs  since  foreign fund closed. The Anil Joseph Thomas Couto had agreed to see public action of the NOGs. At last they conducted the conference by the CBI that express the suffering of the kudankulam. The India is well as culture and they have the proper dress code and the specially the girls the fine customs to come out of the home.  The Chennai city focuses the modern culture and it has great attraction for the people like education, business and so on. During Margazli month, the Chennai has the   Carnatic culture that happens every part   which  gives the  fine  look  for the people .  They have conducted much academy trust in the Chennai and it gives the best result.

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