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Review for AceThinker Music Recorder

AceThinker Music Recorder is another great tool from the house of AceThinker that helps you record music from a streaming site or record an audio conference call or just create an audio guide by recording your own voice. If you are thinking about how to take some songs from the internet or any streaming music sites, so that you can enjoy the songs whenever you need, then AceThinker Music recorder is your best bet, as it can record any audio from your computer desktop or your microphone. The audio is recorded with the highest quality and stored in your local computer in the format you’ve chosen. You can share these songs with your family, friends or even upload to social media sites.

The AceThinker Music Recorder is a multi-faceted software that not only helps in recording songs, it also helps you to convert any audio from format to another. It comes with an in-built audio converter utility that helps you to convert audio files to have it ready to be played in any portable devices, smartphones and tablets etc. You can even join several audio clips to create your own customized audio file. Not only audios, you can even convert online video files, as it supports all popular formats including OGG, MP3 and many more.

One more important aspect of the tool is that you don’t need to edit the information of the song, as the tool automatically recognizes the metadata information stored in the audio file and provides you all the information including the song title, album name, genre and the artists involved in the song etc. Even the cover used in the CD is recognized, which is a great thing for music enthusiasts. Not only it recognizes the information of a particular song, it is also able to recognize the data present in a bunch of files at a time to save you a lot of money and time.

Record Music Stream or any Audio

acethinker music recorder

When it comes to music recording, the AceThinker Music recorder is the one of the leading recording software that makes recording a very simple and easy method to record live streaming audio from either a radio station or from any live music streaming websites. It also can record not only songs but also any kind of shows including drama, talk shows, news updates which can be recorded and saved in your local computer system to be viewed any time you need.

The settings panel helps you in a great deal by allowing you to customize all kinds of things in the Music Recorder including the general options, recording options and downloading options. In the general settings panel, you can customize all the keyboard shortcuts and also check for latest updates etc. In the recorder settings panel, you can choose the source from which the audio needs to be recorded, whether from the system sound or from the microphone. It also allows you to choose the output format along with advanced options like skipping any silent periods in the audio or set a time to split the audio into separate files, in case the recording is too long. The download option settings allows you to choose the output folder where the recorded files need to be stored into.

Easily Manage Audio Clips in Your Library

With this software, if you think it is limited to recording and downloading songs, you are terribly wrong as it is an all in one music recorder as it also comes with a well-built music library that can be used to organize all the downloaded songs in terms of singer, albums or even based on the year recorded etc. the library also allows you to organize files based on their formats along with the type of the files including audio and video files.
Search and Download Music

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The AceThinker Music Recorder also comes with a default search engine utility built into the software, only for the purpose of searching MP3 files alone. To find your favorite music clip, all you need is to specify a valid keyword related to the music file, for example the name of the song or any lyrics inside the song that will help to find the music file easily. Once the song has been found, you have the option to listen to the son to check whether they are files you intend to listen to and whether the quality is fine with you, and if not look for another song that comes with the highest quality. And if everything falls into place, then you can download the music file you searched for.

Stream Radio and Record it at the same time

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The radio interface comes with various genres and you can select your favorite genre and see the list of available radio stations in that particular genre. Now select the radio station and listen to it by pressing the “Play” button. Along with listening to the songs, you are also able to record everything played in that radio station while it is being played. You can also add the radio station to your “My Favorites” list, so it will be easier to find the station next time. You can also find any radio station using the “Search” functionality. To search for a radio station, just specify some keywords along with the country and the language of the radio station to enable for easier search.


The AceThinker Music Recorder is one of the best music recorder software out there in the market.It acts as an all in one utility that not allows you to search and download songs, but record songs from any source including from a radio station of your choice. It also comes with an excellent library that enabled you to organize your music files effectively. So if you are looking for a multi-faceted music recorder software that goes a long way in having all your music files saved securely and allowing you to find any kind of song and download it quickly, then AceThinker Music Recorder is your best bet.

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