Published On: Sat, Jan 25th, 2014

Richest among 300 billionaires on planet in 2013

It is truly evident that fortune favors the brave from the fortune Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft gained ,increasing by $15.8bn to $78.5 bn in the calendar year 2013 among top 300 richest tycoons on the planet.

According to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index world’s 300 richest collectively worth $3.7 trillion which is 1.5 times Britain GDP.Bill gained regained the throne in May 2013 from Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Sim. Gates success story sustains with his 4.5% share of his own company and from allies including Canadian National Railway Company & Ecolab.

Second biggest gainer in 2013 was Sheldon Adelson,the founder of Las Vegas Sands,the world’s largest casino company who gained his fortune by increasing by $14 bn.

Eike Batista ,the Brazilian Billionaire who being the 8th richest man in march 2012 plummeted  due to negative net worth.Lynsi Torres,the 31 year old owner and president of US burger chain In-N-Out was the youngest female billionaire in 2013

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