Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

Ringing Bells Promises Delivering Lollipop Smartphone At Rs 251

What if you get a 4-inch smartphone for just Rs 251? You may feel its a joke as a pizza costs about the same prize these days. However, though unbelievable, but it is being claimed by Noida-based manufacturer Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd.

The upcoming phone is dubbed as “Freedom 251″ and pre-orders for it have already started. Hurry up as until 8 p.m. on February 21 pre-order will stop.

According to Ringing Bells President Ashok Chadha, they will be handing over 25 lakh Freedom 251 smartphone and the deliveries to kick off by April 10. The deadline for the completion of all the deliveries on first-come-first-service basis is June 30.

Ringing Bells Promises Delivering Lollipop Smartphone At Rs 251

The manufacturing cost of the phone will obviously be more than Rs 251. A government source says making of such a device costs Rs 2,300.

Chadha said the company would recover the costs by measures like innovative marketing, setting up e-commerce marketplace, reduction in duties and by economies of scale.

He added, “The Indian market is at 2 crore (20 million) units a month. If you take 30 percent of that, then you achieve economies of scale.”

The response is very high. The Freedome 251 website is receiving about six lakh visitors per second. Latest report reveals the site has crashed too.

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