Published On: Mon, Jan 27th, 2014

Salaam Mumbai or Slum Mumbai

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A report titled”Making Street Children” based on a first time census of a street children in Mumbai by the Tata institute of Social Sciences(TISS) and Action Aid,a non govt organization,estimates that in the year 2013 there were approx 38k street children who continued  to face vulnerability and tragic living conditions who take shelters on the streets of Mumbai.Abandoned and parent less kids who never kissed the flavor of sweet home and childhood were forced to get indulged in crime,bonded labourism , threft and many anti social activities.Child Slum in Mumbai

According to estimation 24% children are illiterate, 15% drug addicted,40% have witnessed and/or abused and almost 16% are indulged in activities like begging , bonded labors at hotels,tea stalls ,rag picking and at construction works.

With frequent reports of theft,drug involvement,sex abuse,food starvation it shows high degree of magnitude of a challenging situation that needs a social recall and awareness.Census also shows that with increase in slum,illiteracy,unemployment,population and illegal migration future of both Mumbai and such kids is at alarming stage.

Although to combat with such issues many social agency have raised support in all best forms but it’s the responsibility of every human being to help and cooperate such abandoned kids so that our society is free from crime,illiteracy,unemployment and all sorts of problems that might play a great hindrance for our society.

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