Published On: Thu, Jan 21st, 2016

Set Off On Your Journey To Healthier Skin This Winter

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Who doesn’t dream of flawless, clear skin? Most people would do anything it takes to maintain healthy, clean skin.

But let’s face it, treating your skin right can be a complicated affair. With all the different skin types and their specific requirements, it’s easy to get lost and not know where to start.


Skin treatmentis especially necessary during winter, as it becomes even harder for your skin to retain its moisture.

However, getting healthy skin isn’t as difficult as it’s made out to be. Go one step further and round off all the below tips with regular visits to a skin salon to pamper your way to perfection. UrbanClap, a lifestyle app can put you in touch with the best dieticians and also suggest quality skin salons.

Here are the tips to help you attain smooth, healthy, and soft skin this winter!

1)Water, Water, Everywhere

You can deny it as much as you want, but you’re probably not drinking nearly enough water.

Dehydration is one of the main causes for about 75% of skin problems. Winters are far from the ideal time to stop drinking water, yet most of us do.

When was the last time you managed to consume three litres of water a day? If you can’t recall, it’s time to start gulping down that H2O! If you need more persuasion, here is one woman’s story of how drinking adequate amounts of water took years off her face.

The water you drink also needs to be pure, so get your water purifier checked regularly. You can use Urban Clap to find the right people to help you with that.

Water helps maintain moisture in your skin, giving it a radiant look, but you should be careful not to overdo it either.

2)Avoid Hot Showers

Wait, what? Avoid hot showers in winter?!

That’s right. Hot water opens up the pores in your skin, causing all the moisture to seep out. This process is further hastened by the cold and dry winter air. Not just that, most of us forget to moisturize our skin afterwards.

This wrecks havoc on skin over time, so make sure that the water you bathe in is lukewarm at the most.
Another great idea is to change your moisturizer to an oil-based one during winter, which helps your skin retain more moisture. Most night creams are oil-based, so pick the one that best suits your skin type.

3)Wear The Right Clothes

Wool is oh-so warm and soft, so why would you ever use anything else to keep you cozy during winters?

However, wool is an itchy fabric and makes your already winter-dry skin all the more sore. But if you absolutely must wear wool, be sure to wear a skin-friendly fabric underneath (like cotton) to act as a layer of protection. It’ll shield your skin from the irritation of interacting with wool and will also give you a little extra warmth.
Before putting on your clothes, apply a layer of moisturizer to add yet another layer of protection between your skin and outside agents. Armour up!

4)Get Moving

Keeping yourself physically active is essential in keeping your body naturally warm and healthy. Your blood flows more freely and gives your skin its much-needed nutrients.

But exercise doesn’t have to be boring. For example, dancing is a great way to warm up your body and lose a couple of calories at the same time.

5)Avoid The Festive Binge

Winter brings to mind various celebrations. It is the festive season, after all!

This involves a multitude of goodies to stuff yourself with. Especially those sinful sweets.

Festive weight gain is most definitely a thing. But what’s a celebration without a few (or an endless parade of) sweets? So not consuming them is out of the question.

However, sugar spells disaster for your skin. Although you may consume sweets, it is important to balance it out with a few healthy diet choices.

Better yet, have a personal dietician help you with your dietary habits. The idea here is to balance out what you shouldn’t have eaten, with more of what you should be eating.

These tips will help you maintain healthy skin this winter, and every winter to come. Remember to moisturize daily to prevent your skin from drying up in the cold weather.

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