Published On: Thu, Mar 1st, 2018

Sexy Summer Fashion Accessories and Trends

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One way to explore new styles without breaking the budget is to focus on summer fashion accessories such as jewelry, scarves, headbands, hats and sunglasses. Experimenting with accessories is a quick and fun way to spice up, update and reinvigorate one’s summer wardrobe.

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Create a Chic Look with Summer Shades

Sunglasses are a must have accessory for the summer fashion season. Not only do they provide the eyes with protection from potentially harmful UV rays but they can also make a basic outfit look a little more chic. Shades that create a sleek yet glamorous look are in demand. These include oversized shades, retro or vintage shades, aviator shades, round bug-eyed shades, tortoise shell frames, white frames and thick chunky frames.

Another hot trend in summer sunglasses includes lots of vibrant colors. The colors for this summer season include lime green, bright orange, lemon yellow and stark white. Indulging in a pair of colorful and funky sunglasses is a surefire way to create a unique and stylish look to any summer outfit.

Wear Ornate Jewelry for Sophisticated Appeal

Ornate jewelry can be worn casually for a day at the beach or formally for a night out with friends. There is no limit to accessorizing with jewelry this summer. In fact, every summer ensemble can benefit from the feminine appeal created by the layering of ornate jewelry.

Cuff and mesh bracelets, oversize rings, beaded and embellished necklaces and gem encrusted earrings can brighten up an outfit in an instant. Pearls, crystals, onyx, cubic zirconium, bohemian beads and colorful baubles are all examples of stylish and lasting ornate jewelry styles.

A Finishing Touch with Scarves, Headbands and Hats

Nothing completes the summer look more than a flowing silk scarf, a sleek and sexy headband or a funky yet soulful hat. However, in order to avoid creating competing looks, only one of these accessories should be worn with an outfit at any given time.

Headbands can come in a variety of styles including thick, moderate, pencil thin, texturized, embellished, patterned, black, white, sheer or colorful. There are endless choices when it comes to headbands.

Scarves can also be worn as headbands and can be secured with the ends loosely draped over the shoulders for a chic and casual look. Scarves can also be used as a belt around the waist, as a wrap at the beach or simply tossed over the shoulders when running out the door.

Hats are yet another way to create a new and exciting look. Wide brimmed hats go extremely well with feminine summer dresses, Capri pants and loose flowing blouses. Fedora hats create an edgy look when worn with jeans, t-shirts and blazers. Embroidered hats create an incredibly unique yet gorgeous look paired with jeans, t-shirt and lots of ornate jewelry.

Scarves, hats and headbands are the chameleons of the fashion world and will blend well with any style, trend or fashion statement.

This summer season don’t miss out on versatile and stunning fashion trends. Ornate jewelry, headbands, hats, scarves and sunglasses can be added to any outfit for instant glamour and stylish appeal.

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