Published On: Wed, Jan 1st, 2020

Sights To See When Visiting Moscow

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Those who are taking a trip to Moscow but are not sure which sights are the best to see in the Russian capital might want to consider a few of these.

Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

The most obvious choice as a place to start would be Red Square. Here one will find St Basils Cathedral. Built during the 16th century it is possibly one of the most famous sights in the world and one everyone pictures when they think of Moscow. Its bright colours and multi- domed towers offer a great photo opportunity for any traveller.

The cathedral itself was built to commemorate Ivan the Terrible’s successful military campaigns. He is said to have loved the architecture due to the fact the domes on the towers reminded him of tartars heads on sticks. It has a chaotic architecture but is an amazing work of art. The cathedral itself has been rebuilt and extended many times, and the building standing at the moment is around 200 years old.

The Kremlin is also situated on Red Square, although this is not just one building, it is actually a collection of buildings behind fortified walls. Only some of these buildings are open to the public, these include 3 ancient cathedrals and tours are available. The Presidential Palace, also known as the Kremlin Palace, is not open to the public as this is the official residence of the Russian President. The Kremlin is also the term used for the Russian government, rather like Downing Street is for Britain and The White House is for the United States of America.

The tomb of the Bolshevik leader Lenin is located in Red Square. His embalmed body has been on display since just a few days after his death. The tomb itself was originally made of wood as it was made in such a hurry; the current stone tomb was built in 1930.

Gorky Park, Moscow

Sights To See When Visiting Moscow

Gorky Park on the banks of the Moscow River is perhaps the most famous park in Russia. A novel based on the park and subsequent Hollywood film has certainly helped to make the park a household name. The park is split into two parts, both completely different in atmosphere.

In one part there are many fairground rides and it is also possible to take part in adrenaline filled activities such as bungee jumping. It is also possible to hire horses or boats. In the other part visitors can take strolls in the gardens and woodlands. Gorky Park is also lots of fun in winter. There is the opportunity to go ice skating on the frozen water while coloured lights and music turn the whole area into a giant ice skating disco.

There are many other attractions in Moscow that are suitable for all the family and consulting an A-Z guide to the sights on offer is a good place to start planning your trip.

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