Published On: Sun, Jun 25th, 2017

Single Lady Refused For Room By A Hyderabad Hotel Even With Ibibo Booking

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Indian city Hyderabad goes a step ahead in following standard hotel policy. Hotel Deccan Erragadda refuses to accept single ladies.

Spoken-word artist Nupur Saraswat was turned away while she wanted to seek into it for a room against a reservation earlier made through Ibibo booking site.

The liberal, environmentalist, opinionated party head questioned the policy of the hotel and Ibibo and why she was not warned of such an incident while making the booking.

Single Lady Refused For Room By A Hyderabad Hotel Even With Ibibo Booking

Saraswat urged people to share her post to get Ibibo listen. In several of her tweets she recounted the incident asking Ibibo why her gender was asked if the company was unable to filter out such hotels like Deccan Erragadda.

In a screenshot shared on Facebook by Saraswat it is revealed the policy of the hotel states ‘Single lady not allowed.’

She added in one of her tweets that the booking site has offered her a verbal apology and confirmed the policies are being reworked to avoid such episodes in future with other women.

Saraswat was also offered a complementary stay at another hotel in the city.

However, it is another reminder that still India is not ready to embrace equality for women.

If you abide by the policy of the hotel, will you be busy finding a man to travel with you? This will be more unsafe for a single lady travelling.

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