Published On: Wed, Nov 26th, 2014

Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android

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Every day millions of smartphones are being sold. Android and iOS are the two major choices people are making while buying smartphones.

Both are quite different from each other and have some pros and cons over each other. You would be surprised to know that out of 1 billion sold smartphones, 80% market share is covered by Android, 15% market by iOS devices and rest by others.

Android devices are available at lower prices with lots of functionality while iOS devices are comparatively very expensive. Due to this reason, Android is quite popular in emerging countries who have low per capita income while iOS devices are popular in developed countries with high per capita income.

On the basis of recent statistics, around 1.4 million android apps have been published on Play Store out of which 85% apps can be installed for free while 1.3 million iOS apps have been published on Apple iTunes from which 25% apps are available for free. The average cost of an app out of top 100 paid iOS app is $1.47 and a paid android app costs $3.74. There are 32% iOS apps with in-app purchase and 42% android apps with in-app purchases.

Smartphone developers have different ratios of choices among these platforms. iOS is the choice of 32.7% developers as the primary platform while android is chosen by 34.4% developers as the primary platform to build apps.

iOS users have played major role in generating web traffic as 62% share of web traffic is generated by iOS devices while Android users have 38% share.

There is a lot more to know about iOS and Android in the below infographic.

Smartphone app development - iOS vs Android


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