Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2015

Solar Impulse 2-First ever plane to revolve round the globe without any fuel

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First journey of solar plane completes today , the solar impulse 2 , this aircraft made a breath taking attempt  by making a flight around the world , which departed from Abu Dhabi and landed in Oman , after twelve hours of journey at 16:14 GM,  with pilot  Andre Borschberg at the controls and business men the solar plane will continue  with its  journey for five months , linking one continent to the other , passing both the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean

The flight controller said “we have successfully landed” When the solar impulse wheels touched the tarmac” the single seater solar plane took off at 03:12 GMT,

The toughest challenge for solar impulse is, solo flight over the pacific for five days, the pilot duties course will be handled by Mr Borschberg and Swiss Bertrand Piccard

“To stop at the various locations around the world is the planning with some rest and carrying out the maintenance and also to publish news about clean technologies through the campaign”.  Added Borschberg before legging in the flight to the news agencies he also added further “I  keep  faith about successful working of the so called advanced aeroplane it will surely cover the distances of huge oceans, it’s a matter of challenge to fly for five days and nights

We will leg in to china for further learning’s and preparation in the coming two months

About 400 km journey was covered when the plane landed on Oman, details of the leg in are shared in the internet, soaring of solar impulse in the skies has made and created a deep breathing moment in the world of technology , by 2050 a prediction has been made that the solar energy is to become dominant source of electricity in the world.

In the recent years the cost of solar electric panels fell 70% again in the coming years the price of the same is predicted to bisect.

Before 2020, in two thirds of the world   solar will generate power as low cost as the gas based on the current fossil fuel prices forecasted by Deutsche Bank

Already solar works are outnumbered by the coal jobs in the United States, while the British person thinks, within one and half year’s solar work competing with the wind.

By the government subsidies the  solar evolution was sparked , fund innovation was made  after the venture capitalists got  attracted  making a vast market  while the manufacturers of china are battling to exploit.

Against the battle of climate change solar boom is a huge help

Numbers of world records has been set by solar impulse project for solar powered flight which also links the US 2013 high profile transits, the recent model weighs only 2.3 tonnes longer than 747 jumbo jet with a wing span of 72 metres  it’s a dramatic and daunting venture globally which required the construction of  more huge plane than the original solar impulse- i.


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